$600,000 GOAT monument is scheduled to meet Musk on November 26

It is literally a goat with Elon Musk's head on it riding a rocket.
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Elon Musk's GOAT on a rocket.
Elon Musk's GOAT on a rocket.

Elon Goat Token 

Elon Musk's "super fans" shell out a whopping $600,000 for a baffling monument that resembles a goat riding a rocket with the new Twitter chief's head on it.

The 30-feet Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) monument is on its way to meet its inspiration on November 26, according to a cryptocurrency company that calls itself "Elon Goat Token" ($EGT). 

"This was a fun and creative marketing plan for a crypto project. We don't take ourselves very seriously when it comes to the monument," $EGT told Interesting Engineering (IE)

"It's meant for people to enjoy and maybe make Elon laugh a little."

Elon Musk-themed cryptocurrency $EGT is located in Arizona.

$600,000 GOAT monument is scheduled to meet Musk on November 26
Elon's GOAT monument.

The aluminum monument that took "around nine months to build" was designed by Danny Wang and built by Kevin Stone and Michelle Stone, metal sculptors from Canada.

"Danny Wang is the designer. Spectacle works in Phoenix built the rocket and goat," said $EGT. "Kevin Stone made the actual Elon head in British Columbia, Canada."

The unique monument, which was commissioned by $EGT, has invited Musk to pick up his "historical present" on November 26 at Tesla's offices in Austin. 

"Most people thought we would never do it, but after one year of building, the time has come to bring it home to Elon. Really we just want to meet the guy and give it to him. After all, he is the most innovative human alive, hence the GOAT - Greatest Of All Time." $EGT said in a statement earlier. 

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The richest man in the world has not yet made a public announcement of his acceptance but is likely to receive it while his "super fans" remain optimistic.

The GOAT Head 

$600,000 GOAT monument is scheduled to meet Musk on November 26
November 26 will see Musk meet his $600,000 GOAT statue on a rocket

Since January, Kevin and Michelle Stone have been constructing Elon Musk's enormous head for the sculpture, which is six feet tall. 

Kevin usually works with steel, but the Musk head is totally unique. Its base is built of foam, which was then covered with a material similar to that used to line truck beds. 

The head was then wrapped in high-heat aluminum tape, and aluminum octagons were then attached to it before Kevin welded them together.

"Because of the heat, the glue melted into where I'm welding, and then it contaminates it, and then I can't weld it," Kevin said in May. 

"So now I'm having to go back where those bad areas are and try to clean the glue out of there and then re-weld it… [it was] an incredible challenge. It's very tedious, but it turned out pretty good for aluminum."

Elon's GOAT and $EGT's goals 

$600,000 GOAT monument is scheduled to meet Musk on November 26
The 30-feet-long Greatest Of All Time-GOAT monument is on its way to meet its inspiration on November 26.

Since the sculpture's completion, it has been traveling state after state. 

According to the group, the Musk monument is there "in honor of his many accomplishments and commitment to Cryptocurrency" and is on the back of a semi-trailer inroads through the United States. 

Elon's likely acceptance of this "biblical size gift" might propel $EGT into the spotlight and speed up its many endeavors, believes the group behind the GOAT. 

"We want to build a great crypto token like Shiba, and this was a great way to garnish mainstream attention that would go viral," $EGT told IE.

"Obviously, we are Elon's 'super fans.'"

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