GOkey: Key Locator, Flash Drive, USB cable, Battery and More

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It seems multi-functional smart attachments for your keychain are in high demand. We recently wrote about the Symlis Sparrow, a portable flash drive that doubles up as a charging cable and more, which reached their target on crowdfunding source Indiegogo. Also after a successful campaign the guys at GOkey are working hard to finish their design and ship it out to early backers; they smashed their funding target and raised a total of US$1,183,264.

20140408171035-image[Image Source: Gokey]

20140408163912-image[Image Source: Gokey]

The GOkey, suitably shaped like a key, is an attachment for your keychain that offers Bluetooth, GPS, battery and storage capabilities. The latest prototypes have been manufactured in steel after they discovered that aluminium just wasn't up to scratch. "The USB tip was bending if you dropped it from a height, it looked dim next to your your steel keys and after a while it was full of scratches," says founder Doros Kyriakoulis.

20150113161151-FullSizeRender-14The latest prototypes in brushed and shiny steel [Image Source: Gokey]

20150113155136-FullSizeRender_5_MicroUSB or Lightning cables unravel from the side [Image Source: Gokey]

It comes in a pretty sleek design and a microUSB or lightning cable comes wrapped around the base which unravels out. This can be used to both charge your phone or to transfer files to the built-in storage which comes in 8, 16 and 32GB offerings. A quick plug into your phone and it can also increase your battery life by another 2 hours.

You can connect the GOkey to your smartphone over Bluetooth and an accompanying app can let you know how clse you are to your keys if you're struggling to find them. Once you get close enough to your keys you can ring the GOkey from your phone. This also works in reverse, so you can make your phone ring even if it is on silent by pressing the button on the device. If you do manage to lose your keys and they're beyond the 100 ft range of Bluetooth then you can resort to the built-in GPS to locate the device on a map.

20140408170610-image[Image Source: Gokey]

20140629152630-GoKey-GPS[Image Source: Gokey]

The button on the GOkey also doubles up as a remote for your smartphone so you can use it as a remote shutter button for the camera or to flick through slides of a slideshow. It can also be used to play, rewind, skip, and pause media.

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