Goodbye VCRs: Last VCR Being Manufactured This Month

Trevor English

Some of you reading this may not even know what a VHS tape is, and that's just a little weird. If you still have any VHS tapes laying around the house, it is time to convert them to DVD because you will no longer be able to purchase a new VCR. The last manufacturer of VCRs anywhere, Funai Electric, has announced that they will be stopping production of the machines this month. Reasoning for this is the increasing difficulty to find the necessary parts to create the machines. It turns out that no one really supplies 1980s era hardware anymore.

VCR[Image Source: Wikimedia]

The company started manufacturing and selling VCRs in 1983, with consumers purchasing 15 million units a year. According to CNN Money, last year consumers only bought 750,000 units, and while still surprisingly high, it wasn't enough to make their production profitable. This marks the final nail in the coffin to an era of constant rewinding, fuzzy video and bulky shelves of movies. Since the announcement, consumers have been going crazy trying to find the last few products on the shelves, according to Ars Technica. Apparently, there is still some high demand for devices that play a format last in its prime over a decade ago.

VHS tapes revolutionized home recording in their day, as they were the first format the user could record video and audio on. They were dealt a major blow with the creation of DVD and eventually Blue-ray, and it looks like they will finally begin to start fading into the depths of technology past.

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