Google Home Voice Assistant Tailors Responses Based on Your Accent

Watch Google Home's voice assistant give two different answers to the same question based on the accent of the person asking.
Donovan Alexander

The home voice assistant speaker is one of the highest demanded products in history. Households cannot seem to get enough of the smart speaker. This past holiday season consumer had the smart speaker at the top of their Christmas list, making it the hottest new gadget on the market. Apple, Alphabet, and Amazon have lead innovation in the smart speaker market, sparking different iterations of the smart speaker, building the future for coming age of the smart home.  

On top of impressively being able to respond to just about any command, complete basic tasks, as well as play any of your favorite songs, smart speakers are known to respond to just about any question you throw their way. Some of these questions and responses are amusing and have caught the internet's attention, going viral. 

In the most recent viral smart speaker video, the Google home speaker shows off its technical ability as well as how far the smart speaker has come over the years. 


Synced to Your Voice

The Google Home boasts a lot of impressive features. The smart speaker includes automation features that enable home users to control smart devices across their home. Some devices that you may be able to control include a Chromecast digital media player, products from Nests, SmartThings, Philips Hue, LIFX, LightwaveRF, and Logitech Harmony. 

Even more so, you can sync up your Google profile with the Google Home. As you communicate with the smart speaker it builds a profile of your voice; think of it as creating a personalized fingerprint for your voice. Over-time the speaker will recognize just your voice and it applies to your daily needs.

This viral video highlights this impressive feature. In the video, two people with distinct accents ask the smart speaker to spell the word "color." In the dictionary, there are two spellings of the word color, a British English version, and an American English version, 'color' and 'colour,' respectively. Impressively, the speaker understands both accents and a then proceeds to spell the word based off of the nationality of the accent.

Though it may seem minimal, this impressive feat could lay the framework for the advancement of more artificial technology. Smart home speakers and their charismatic assistant could move beyond the home to your car and other daily devices.  

What do you think of smart speakers? What questions have you asked your smart speaker? 

Via: Reddit

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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