Google will charge $30 per user for AI in Gmail and Meet

Its rival Microsoft Copilot assistant is also charging the same price.
Sejal Sharma
Widget of Google app Gmail on a phone
Widget of Google app Gmail on a phone


Google announced yesterday that it has made its AI bundled service called Duet AI ‘generally available’ in Google Workspace. The cost is structured at $30 per month per user, the same as Microsoft’s Copilot assistant for Microsoft 365 applications, reported CNBC.

“What if you had an intelligent, real-time collaboration partner that dramatically reduced that burden? With Duet AI, you get to focus on what really matters while it can take care of the rest,” said the company’s blog post.

You can delegate writing emails

Duet AI can write emails, create presentations, and even attend meetings. In Google Meet, the AI will help capture notes, action items, and video snippets in real-time during a meeting and send a summary to attendees so no one misses a beat. Duet AI in Google Meet will also have a studio look, studio lighting, and studio sound so the user can see and adjust how they want to look in a meeting. They will also launch automatic translated captions during a meeting for 18 languages.

In Google Slides, it will create original images from text and automatically build presentations, and for Gmail and Google Docs, Duet AI will help a user write and refine content.

Demonstrating how Duet AI can do the heavy lifting for its users, the blog post gave an example of an executive who has been informed late in the night by their boss to create a quarterly report by 8 AM the next day. Duet AI promises that it “can create a whole new presentation, complete with text, charts, and images, based on your relevant content in Drive and Gmail. A last-minute request that once called for an all-nighter, can now be completed before dinner time.”

Over and above Workspace subscription

Users of Google Workspace, which are approximately three billion worldwide and with over 10 million of those with paid subscriptions, can request a free trial before signing up for the service, according to a Google blog.

Google announced Duet AI in its annual developer conference this year in response to Microsoft 365 Copilot, which is an AI-powered tool that uses large language models and integrates user data with its famous apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and more.

Google began taking preorders for Duet AI in May for $30 per user, but didn’t disclose it publicly, Aparna Pappu, GM and Vice President of Google Workspace, told CNBC. Microsoft disclosed its pricing in July.

“We were a little surprised to see our friends in Redmond come up with the exact same pricing model that we had,” said Pappu. She was referring to Microsoft, which has its corporate headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

The fees that Google will charge for Duet AI will be above what it charges for Google Workspace.  For smaller organizations and individual users, the company hasn’t finalized pricing, Pappu told CNBC.

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