Google's new machine learning algorithms create a substantially more private browser

Browse the internet safely and securely with a service that is catered to your needs.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Nowadays, it's hard to imagine life without a Google browser. From stalking your new date to finding the best place to eat, Google's Chrome browser is there for you. 

Machine Learning algorithms that work for you

Now, their service has gotten even better thanks to its Machine Learning (ML) algorithms that not only improve services but also add more user privacy. Google recently sent out a press release to IE with "some recent and future ML improvements that offer a safer, more accessible and more personalized browsing experience. Importantly: these updates are powered by on-device ML models, which means your data stays private and never leaves your device."

The fact that your data never leaves your device is the first and most notable change in Google's service, as it almost certainly guarantees that your data stays safe from malicious actors that may try to steal or harvest it. But there's more.

The new service starts with changes to Safe Browsing, a feature that helps protect over four billion devices every day by warning people when they try to venture into dangerous sites or download dangerous files. Starting in March of 2022, Google rolled out a new ML model "that identifies 2.5 times more potentially malicious sites and phishing attacks as the previous model – resulting in a safer and more secure web."

Google's new machine learning algorithms create a substantially more private browser
Source: Google

Google also claimed to be evolving how people interact with web notifications. They warned that although page notifications can help deliver updates from sites people care about, they can also be misused for phishing, malware, or fake messages. "As a result, we use ML to determine the prompts that people are likely to ignore and block them automatically. In the next release of Chrome (M102), we’re introducing a new ML model that runs within the browser, keeping more people safe without data leaving the device," said Google.

Journeys to improve your trips and vacations

Earlier this year, Google also launched Journeys to help people keep track of their activities online. Imagine you are planning a trip, and you have done a bunch of research on where and when you would like to visit particular places.

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"Chrome brings together the pages you’ve visited about a given topic and makes it easy to pick up where you left off (vs. scrolling through your browser history). When you return to those hiking boots and camping guides, we’re also using ML to make those websites available in your preferred language," stated Google.

But that's not all. Google has launched an updated language identification model that automatically identifies the language of the page and whether it needs to be translated to match your preferences. As a result of this feature, Google says it has seen a surge of tens of millions more successful translations every day.

Google's new machine learning algorithms create a substantially more private browser
Source: Google

Better yet, you will now have the option to customize the new Chrome toolbar according to your preferences. These are all exciting changes offered by Google, which are bound to make people's navigating experience more user-friendly and functional. How will you be experiencing Google Chrome today?



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