Grammarly gets on the AI wagon, introduces ChatGPT-inspired GrammarlyGo

It will be a free addition to the Grammarly service.
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Grammarly gets on the AI wagon.


​​GrammarlyGO, a contextually aware assistant powered by generative artificial intelligence (AI), has been unveiled by Grammarly, a U.S. cloud-based typing assistant. GrammarlyGO will be increasing productivity by altering the way individuals and organizations communicate and complete work, according to a blog by the company published on Wednesday. "It uses generative AI to help people and businesses succeed with on-demand communication assistance, whether they are starting from scratch or revising an existing piece of writing,” said the press release. “It will uniquely offer relevant, contextually aware suggestions that account for personal voice and brand style while staying true to our augmented intelligence philosophy to keep customers in control of their experience.” The product will provide writers the option to employ AI to edit and enhance their writing, much like the wildly popular ChatGPT.

What will GrammarlyGo help with?

You can use generative AI with GrammarlyGO to:

  • “Rewrite for tone, clarity, and length: Transform writing to be clear and on target, whatever the context.

  • Compose: Type a prompt and watch GrammarlyGO compose high-quality writing, saving time finding the perfect words.

  • Ideate: Unblock writing with GrammarlyGO as an AI ideation partner and unlock creativity with GrammarlyGO’s outlines and brainstorms, generated from prompts.

  • Reply intelligently: Flow through emails quickly with GrammarlyGO, which understands an email’s context and instantly drafts a thoughtful reply.”

Grammarly justifies the feature’s existence by claiming that almost everyone’s writing can be improved. “Individuals today spend too much time trying to communicate in the right way, while poor communication is draining business productivity and performance,” the company wrote in an announcement post

“GrammarlyGO will address this problem by quickly generating highly relevant text with an understanding of personal voice and brand style, context, and intent — saving people and businesses time while accounting for their unique needs.” 

GrammarlyGo will be a free addition to the Grammarly service. According to the company, its Premium, Business, Education, and Developer plans, as well as free plans “in select markets,” will soon have AI writing capability. In April, the GrammarlyGo beta will start to be released.

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