Grandma Freaks out at the Tesla Model S Smart Summon Feature

Watch this hilarious video of a grandma's reaction to the self-driving feature.
Fabienne Lang
Grandma freaking out in the Tesla model SDave De Jesus/YouTube

Self-driving cars truly aren't for everyone. Tesla's recent software update for its models S, X and 3 brought about the "Smart Summon" option. This update enables the cars' owners to literally "summon" their car from a parking space to where they're located. 

In this oldie but goldie video dating back to 2017, an unassuming grandma freaks out as the Tesla S she's sitting in self-drives out of its parking space. 

The video's now gone viral, leaving many viewers in stitches. Luckily, the grandma cools off — just about — by the end of the clip. 


What's the video all about?

A recent Facebook post by Elon Musk Stuff went viral after it showcased a grandma yelping and screeching as she sits in the passenger seat of a Tesla Model S. The reason for her freak out? The Smart Summon feature of the car. 

What's the Smart Summon feature all about? 

Updated out a few months ago, the nifty feature allows Tesla owners to beckon their parked car to them, wherever they may be. For example, imagine that it's raining cats and dogs as you're leaving the supermarket laden with shopping bags. Instead of bracing the wet weather you choose instead to summon your car to meet you at the exit of the supermarket. Pretty neat.

First introduced in 2016, the feature's newest update was a mere few months ago. 

Tesla said that "Customers who have had early access to Smart Summon have told us that it adds both convenience to their trips and provides them with a unique moment of delight when their car picks them up to begin their journey."

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That's all well and fine for those technologically-inclined people out there. But when an older grandma has no idea about the feature and is tricked into sitting in a car that decides to move on its can imagine her panic. 

This may sound like a cruel joke, but when you watch the video and notice just how slowly (and safely) the car is inching forward, you relax into the viewing and enjoy a chuckle or two. 

The look of utter disdain the grandma gives to the person filming the entire scenario is reason enough to watch this video until the end. Enjoy!


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