7+ of the greatest gadgets from CES 2023

Here are the biggest highlights of the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show.
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Lenovo Thinkpad x1, Crdl
Lenovo Thinkpad x1, Crdl

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It's January, and the long-awaited Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 is here. As the world has gone through almost a three-year-long deadly pandemic, tech giants, small businesses, and every company that serves tech-savvies have been adjusting to the fact that people's needs have changed.

While we can't say whether it's for better or worse, we can say that the tech industry seems to be increasingly going “contactless” as humans try to avoid crowded places and touching stuff.

That means the list of the greatest gadgets from CES 2023 includes quite a number of devices that'll help you get your job done from a distance. Let's get started.

1. Haptic vest to experience life-like sensations

7+ of the greatest gadgets from CES 2023
Skinetic haptic vest.

The Skinetic vest is designed with 20 voice-coil motors (a type of direct drive linear motor) placed throughout the torso. These motors enable the separation of vibration intensity from amplitude, resulting in its ability to deliver a wide range of sensations. Additionally, the vest can deliver localized sensations and track the user's position in real-time to provide realistic haptic feedback.

2. Contactless self-service beverage dispenser

OnTap is a self-service beverage dispenser that allows customers to quickly and easily serve themselves drinks at a bar without the need for physical contact or a bartender. Once their age is verified, customers are given an RFID tag. They can then tap their phones on the tag to dispense a beverage.

3. Intelligent cocktail maker

7+ of the greatest gadgets from CES 2023
Bartesian cocktail maker.

Bartesian is an intelligent cocktail maker that uses capsules containing real ingredients to create perfectly crafted cocktails on demand. The compact device, called the Bartesian Duet, fits easily on a kitchen counter or bar cart and allows users to enjoy a premium cocktail lounge experience in small spaces.

With a simple three-step process, the Bartesian Duet uses technology to read the barcode on each capsule and adjust settings to mix the perfect cocktail every time, eliminating the need for messy, time-consuming, and expensive home cocktail preparation.

4. A magical instrument

7+ of the greatest gadgets from CES 2023
Crdl - care instrument.

Crdl is a care instrument designed to combat the negative health effects of social isolation, which has become more common due to the global COVID-19 crisis and an aging population.

The instrument helps create meaningful connections between people by transforming the human body into a musical instrument and providing a sensory experience that explores the beauty of touch and sound.

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This tool can be used therapeutically by caregivers to engage with individuals suffering from conditions such as dementia, autism, mental disabilities, or visual impairments and help break their social isolation.

5. Ski boots without plastic elements

7+ of the greatest gadgets from CES 2023
zUFO boots.

zUFO is a company that aims to use innovative technologies to improve people's lives, specifically through the creation of comfortable ski boots for the 135 million skiers worldwide, allowing them to ski more and in greater comfort.

The user-friendly boots feature a patented exoskeleton technology that has been tested in real-world conditions and proven to offer unparalleled comfort and efficiency.

In addition to being modular and durable, the boots are highly recyclable and suitable for a utilization-focused service economy (e.g., ski equipment rentals). zUFO also states that their versatility "promotes multifunctionality and reduces market segmentation."

By providing sustainable and impactful technology that helps reduce sedentary lifestyles, zUFO claims that its products are contributing to the United Nations' Sustainability goals.

6. A foldable computer

7+ of the greatest gadgets from CES 2023
Thinkpad X1.

The ThinkPad X1 Fold is the latest addition to Lenovo's foldable PC lineup. It boasts a larger and more versatile design, with a full PC-level performance and a 16.3" display that folds down to the size of a 12" laptop. This device can be used in multiple orientations, including landscape, portrait, laptop, book, and tablet modes.

7. A small, background noise-blocking walkie-talkie

7+ of the greatest gadgets from CES 2023
Milo, the action communicator.

Milo is a hands-free device that allows users to engage in group voice conversations in real time, even in noisy or windy environments. It is perfect for adventurers who want to communicate on trails, slopes, or water.

To operate Milo, users simply clip it onto their clothing and start speaking.

Milo's technology captures the user's voice and transmits it to the other members of the group, without the need to stop and press a button. The received voices are played through the device's built-in speaker, allowing users to easily communicate with each other.

8. Self-dispensing refillable toothbrush

7+ of the greatest gadgets from CES 2023
UV Electric Brush Set.

The toothpaste dispensing technology built into this device makes it easy for the elderly or individuals with disabilities to brush their teeth using just one hand.

It can store two weeks or more worth of toothpaste and has a battery life of two months, making it perfect for traveling.

The technology is available in both manual and electric toothbrush versions. The device includes magnets that allow it to be easily placed on a stand, and a UV-C sterilizer cleans the brush of up to 99 percent of germs and bacteria (as tested in a lab).