Grow Indoor Plants the Smarter Way with Plantone

The cutting-edge planting system ensures optimum health of your plants even when you’re not around.
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Created: 10/30/2018

One of the most challenging aspects of gardening is keeping your plants alive and in optimum health. It is straightforward to sow a seed or think about taking the first steps into creating your own kitchen garden, but it is a whole another ball game to nurture and see them grow.

It takes a very dedicated person with an undying and unconditional love for plants to make their plants as healthy and happy as possible.

But you do not have to worry about keeping your plants adequately nourished at all times now. Meet Plantone, a revolutionary system designed to make your life as well as that of your treasured plants significantly easier and smoother.

Plantone is a cutting-edge system that offers planting, lighting, and watering in a single unique system that allows its users to be able to grow more than five distinct species of plants at a single time.

Plantone Smart Planting System
Source: Plantone

Let’s check out the reasons that make Plantone an indispensable piece of equipment for all gardeners!

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Plantone Smart Planting System
Source: Plantone

Plantone is a result of an innovative technology that comes with an automatic water tank and a smart light tower sensor. Gone are the days when you had to worry about watering your plants at regular intervals!

With the help of this automatic water tank, you don’t have to set reminders or worry about your plant dying on you due to under or over watering. You can keep them healthy without having even to lift your fingers.

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Adjustable Lights to Ensure Proper Photosynthesis

Plantone Smart Planting System
Source: Plantone

Plantone is called the smartest mini garden and with excellent reason. It comes with an adjustable light to ensure your plants get adequate light and energy through the process of photosynthesis.

Not just that but the smart system also allows different species of plants to cohabit and create a healthy living environment, not just for themselves but you too.

Automatic Watering Depending on The Needs of The Individual Plant Species

Plantone Smart Planting System
Source: Plantone

As mentioned above, this system waters the plants automatically, according to their individual needs. It is a no secret that every plant requires a different amount of water and light for its health and sustainability.

Plantone taps into this need and customizes its services according to a plant’s unique requirements.

Smart App Control

Plantone Smart Planting System
Source: Plantone

Owning a garden is no different than having to care for your pet or your children for that matter. As any gardening enthusiast will tell you, they are a gardener’s prized possession, and you should not have to be derelict in your duties towards your plants, just because you are away from home.


Plantone comes with Smart App Control that helps you take care of your plants even when you are traveling. You can adjust the watering, lighting and other things simply through the App.

Fresher and Cleaner Air

Using this system inside your house is a beautiful idea to grow some indoor plants. This will not just add an attractive aesthetic aspect to your house but also lend your living space with more oxygen that will help you feel more energized and rejuvenated than usual.

Plantone is an inspirational idea to manage your indoor botany without any efforts or a headache. All you have to do to keep your plants happy, replenished and rested is to present them with the wonders of Plantone!

This revolutionary planting system is available for an early-bird price of $99 on Kickstarter.