This Guy Built an Explosive Thermite Launching Cannon

Trevor English

If you have never met a real life mad scientist, get ready to meet Colin Furze, who has built some pretty amazing things that you can see over on his youtube channel. In his latest endeavor, he has built an air powered cannon that launches thermite missiles, which then explode. We're not really sure how he hasn't died at the hand of one of his creations yet, but the explosions and fire certainly keep an audience entertained. Thermite is a combination of metal powder and metal oxide which can burn at temperatures of over 2500 ˚C. Check out the video of the crazy guy showing off his mad scientist abilities below. [Warning: there will be explosions]

If after watching that you're wondering how to get your hands on one, well then you may just be in luck. It is perhaps not the best idea to have a how-to video of the creation of a thermite cannon, but nonetheless, the guy behind the video created one. You can take a look at the 2 part video series of creating the awesome weapon below.

Part 1:

Part 2:

We should probably note that building your own thermite launching gun is not the safest of activities, so be sure that you take necessary precautions . . . like preparing a will.

If explosions and fire is what brings you joy, then check out more of Colin's videos where he even removes his socks using a rocket launcher. We literally cannot make this stuff up.

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Sometimes having the talent of engineering can be used to further humanity, or sometimes your purpose as an engineer is to blow stuff up. The versatility of engineering is what makes it such an awesome profession, and maybe you could even tap into your inner evil mad scientist too?

thermite launcher featured[Image Source: ColinFurze]

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