Guy Creates Pokémon Hunting Gun With Exploding Pokéballs

Trevor English

If you need a better way to catch Pokémon other than swiping with your finger, the slingshot guy has you covered. He, likely in much confusion, created a pump action Pokémon hunting gun that can shoot Pokéballs at targets. The result is likely the most effective way to Pokémon Go. Joerg Sprave is the German creator behind this video, and his quest for destruction and cheery personality make for a Pokémon catching experience that is a little bit off kilter. Check it out in the video below.

The pump action launcher uses rubber bands to expel the Pokéball projectile at innocent Pokémon targets. The action is rather simple, and I am sure most of you reading could recreate the mechanism if you wanted. Perhaps as the most expensive aiming device ever when to the cost of the gun, Joerg uses an iPhone 6 to lock on target. It is likely not a good idea to create one of these for yourself and wander around town, but it would make for a fun weekend project.

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