Guzzle Buddy Can Turn Any Wine Bottle Into Your Wine Glass

Christopher McFadden

In vino veritas ("In wine is truth") Pliny the Elder once said. Turning a wine bottle into a large wine glass, like the Guzzle Buddy, is even more poetic (well perhaps not?).

Are you tired of constantly refilling your wine glass at a friend’s house? Wouldn’t you rather just drink from the bottle? With the Guzzle Buddy, drinking straight from your own bottle is (slightly) more socially acceptable. It looks exactly like a typical wine glass with a stopper at the bottom instead of a stem. Just place the Guzzle Buddy in the top of your bottle to seal it, and drink up.


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(And yes, there was an episode of Cougar Town detailing this exact invention. We have no idea which one came first or if the episode was simply a partnership with the real Guzzle Buddy. As long as the product exists for purchase, we’re okay with not knowing.)

Not only does this device provide a hassle free and convenient method for "auto" refilling your wine glass, it also reduces your chances of injury. You'll no longer need to worry about suffering from "wine wrist". Wine wrist is a global problem for all wine lovers, why risk damaging your wrist by having to twist your wrists continuously. You have been warned! You also won't need to wait for the wine to aerate in a decanter.

"As the wine moves through the stem and into the glass it is gently aerated which acts to release the aromas and flavours of the wine. It allows you to aerate, pour and drink in one easy step!" - GuzzleBuddy.

Guzzle Buddy is the natural evolution of wine consumption

The history of our species is heavily centered around alcohol and labor saving, fact! Wine is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages ever developed by mankind. Some of the earliest evidence of wine use dates to Georgia around 8000 years ago with the earliest archaeological evidence around 7000 BC in China. Very old fermenting wine caskets have been dated to this time.

Around 7000 years ago old wine was discovered in Iran and the oldest known winery, "Areni-1", appears to have been built 6100 years ago in the Republic of Armenia. By around 4500 BC wine use spread to the Balkans and Europe in general.

Moderate consumption of wine has various benefits to your health as well as generally being a pleasurable experience, within reason.  Wine improves your mood and can increase your overall happiness, it reduces anxiety and stress, self-confidence and produces a mild euphoric feeling. Wine consumption also relaxes muscular disposition and improves sociability. Of course, drinking to excess is less beneficial to your health and bank balance! You have been warned!

How to use your newfangled Guzzle Buddy

Well, we would hope it's pretty self-explanatory but for the sake of completeness, we'll give you a little overview.

First is, to be fair, a relatively complex and personal matter: Choose your favorite wine. Sounds simple right? For some perhaps, for others this is as complex as planning an invasion of France. Personally, it took me several years, many bottles of wine and a wine diary to figure this out. Turns out I adore Spanish Rioja's, specifically Tempranillo. We would suggest you do the same, its great fun! Anyway, once you've chosen, open that bad boy and get ready for the fun bit.

As an aside, I've found that if the foil capsule (if present) can be taken off completely by hand, you've got yourself a winner. We digress, moving on. You might want to remove the cork as well! Unless there is a screw top of course. If not already unpacked, liberate your Guzzle Buddy. Now insert the device into the top of the wine bottle by directly screwing into the top of the bottle. Tilt the wine bottle and enjoy drinking straight from the bottle via a wine glass.

The last step is to soak in the majesty of your chosen wine and the looks of envy from your friends (or perhaps disdain). Feel confident that you'll not be splashed and there will be no mess from spillages when pouring. This does, of course, depend on your level of drinking competence and general level of clumsiness/intoxication.

A point to note is like most fragile wine glasses the Guzzle Buddy should be hand washed only to prevent it from breaking.


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The glass itself is made of strong borosilicate glass and 100% silicone which fits securely and is leak proof. It also makes a great gift for your loved ones.

"Great for weddings, brides and grooms, bachelorette parties, house warming, kitchen gift, birthday, anniversary or when you are just too dang lazy to get off the sofa and go pour another glass!" - GuzzleBuddy

Although technically a novelty item, the product has been very well received. It has achieved an average rating of 4.5/5 stars on from customer reviews. The product has various product testimonials on blogs, websites and forums which you may want to peruse before purchase.

Each and every glass comes carefully packaged in an awesome vintage styled cardboard container. The glasses run 6.5 x 4.6 x 4.5 inches, which is perfect for downing your favorite rose wine. For only $25 plus shipping, you can be the envy of all your friends.

The simplest way to get your hands on one is to pop over to the company's website here.

So there you go, a device that converts your wine bottle in a useful, dare we say, classy auto refilling wine glass! How could you say no to that? Wine has ancient origins, health benefits when drunk responsibly and it's only fair we give it the respect it deserves. Save time, make your friends jealous and eliminate the risks from the worldwide epidemic of "wine wrist" with Guzzle Buddy.

Aren't we good to you? You're more than welcome. Now get out there and grab yourself one before you waste any more time decanting, pouring and refilling your traditional wine glasses!

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