Hacker Installs Windows 95 on His Smartwatch and It Runs

The same guy also managed to run GTA III on another smartwatch.
Trevor English

For many of us, Windows 95 was the first operating system that we ever used, and it was considered by some to be top of the line back in the day. Now, we look back on it in remembrance of everything we had to deal with in old operating systems, like the lovely blue screen on death. For some reason, one guy missed this operating system so much that he installed it on his android smartwatch so he could have a miniature touch screen computer still operating with 1995 software! Besides installing Windows 95 on a smartwatch, he also was able to run Grand Theft Auto and Flappy bird all on the little device on his wrist. Check out all of the videos below.


Once Windows eventually loads, the coolest thing about this hack is that the user can use the touch screen watch just like a computer, start button and all. Now, in case you were wanting to run any other useful applications on the Windows-enabled watch, well, you can't. Windows 95 says that it does not have enough RAM anytime the hacker tries to open an application.

windows 95 on smartwatch
Source: Corbin Davenport

While it may be cool to see this retro operating system on such a new device, in a much more practical sense, the guy behind this Windows watch also loaded Grand Theft Auto III onto another android watch. Who wouldn't want to play GTA III while stuck in a meeting, or killing time on the bus? Playing on such a small touchscreen isn't the easiest, but if you have incredibly tiny mouse hands, then you're going to have a blast. Check out the video below.


The viral app sensation called Flappy Bird, who wouldn't want to have this addictive game loaded onto their smartwatch? Out of all of the unique things this guy has loaded on smartwatches, this is perhaps the most useful. You'll definitely spend endless hours tapping your wrist if you hack your watch like this.


Modern technology mixed with old computer software can sometimes be pretty cool, although realistically not very useful. It is incredible to think just how far we have come from what is now 20 years ago in the mid-1990s.

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