Happy 21st Birthday, Google!

Google celebrates with a Google Doodle, of course.
Fabienne Lang

Do you remember the days before Google? Back when you had to actually use books, libraries, paper maps, and phone books. That was over 21 years ago! Kids younger than 21 won't ever know the struggle of pre-Google days. 

Today, to celebrate its 21 years of operation, and countless helpful searches for information, Google has created a sweet doodle. 

It showcases a printed photograph with the digital date printed at the bottom, and on the photo is an old-school PC with the Google logo on the screen. For anyone over 21, it tugs on our nostalgic heartstrings, and we love it! 


How did Google come about?

On 27 September 1998, two Stanford University Ph.D. computer science students, Sergey Brin, and Lawrence (Larry) Page put their heads together to publish a paper about creating a prototype of a "large-scale search engine." Little did they know that their idea would take off and be so well-received and successful! Can you imagine life without Google? 

Brin and Page launched the search engine at Stanford, and as they saw it grow in popularity, they suspended their Ph.D. work to give their full attention to the project. 

Their first-ever office was based out of a garage. Now, there is a familiar trend with successful companies first starting out of garages. 

The two co-founders decided on the name "because it is a common spelling of googol, or 10100 and fits well with our goal of building very large-scale search engines," wrote Brin and Page at the time.

Googol, or 10100, is the equivalent to ten raised to the power of 100. It's big. 

Today, Google is used all across the planet and operates in over 100 languages. It answers trillions of questions each year alone. To say it operates at large-scale is an understatement. 

Tweeters from around the globe have been wishing Google a happy birthday today!

Here are a few of their comments: 

We agree with this one too: 

Another show of appreciation for Google: 

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