This haptic shirt allows you to feel a video game

It's based on microsensations that together create an immersive experience.
Loukia Papadopoulos
The OWO haptic shirt in action.jpg
The OWO haptic shirt in action.

OWO at CES 2023 

What if you could actually feel all the sensations of a video game? That's what the OWO haptic shirt displayed at this year's Electronics Consumer Show (CES) 2023 allows you to do.

"Unlike other haptics that use vibration to reproduce one sensation, OWO is the only company that can reproduce an infinite number of realistic physical sensations. And since each body is different, you can calibrate the sensations to make your experience unique," said the invention's CES page

"The result; a deep level of immersion you won't find anywhere else."

Based on microsensations 

At the base of the technology are microsensations, the smallest unit that you can calibrate. Each produced sensation is composed of one or more microsensations. 

"A gunshot is composed of three microsensations: entry wound, exit wound, and bleeding," noted the CES page. 

"With our algorithm, we can create an infinite number of different sensations. All we have to do is imagine a sensation and modify the parameters of the wave." 

The shirt comes with an app that saves the users' stats so that calibration will be automatically customized every time they play. The intensity can be modified at any time. 

The OWO haptic system allows the wearer to feel sensations in 10 different areas of the upper body, including the arms. Furthermore, it is wireless, which means users can move freely.

It's made of a flexible lycra that permits customization to all kinds of body sizes and shapes and has a long-lasting battery.

OWO was invented by Jose Fuertes, who sought to merge the simple pleasure of being a kid arcade gamer with fitness technology.

"In 2015, Jose founded Wiemspro, a cutting-edge company that uses full-body electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) for fitness. This technology proved to be groundbreaking, as popularity spread with distributors in more than 35 countries all over the world," stated the CES entry.

Sensations Technology

Jose then further combined the technological knowledge from Wiemspro and its international success and used them as a catalyst to launch OWO in 2019. His team of engineers has worked hard to design, develop and eventually patent an ingenious gaming technology called Sensations Technology. It's this innovation that allows the creation of an infinite number of sensations present on the OWO haptic wearable

Combined with the OWO app and OWO Skin, the development has been able to create a truly immersive gaming experience unlike any other.

Although the technology is currently only used for gaming, we could see it applied to other more useful applications. In August 2020, students from Harvard developed a wearable device for visually-impaired and partially-sighted people to navigate more easily. 

Similarly to OWO's technology, students used advanced levels of computer vision technology and soft robotics that connect to the user's smartphone camera, which is placed below their neck on the vest-like wearable. Basically, the camera tells the user where the objects are, and this information is then delivered to the vest, which inflates to provide haptic feedback.

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