This novel energy system can harness solar and wind energy simultaneously

It features cutting-edge solar panels and wind turbines.
Loukia Papadopoulos
A PowerNEST installation.
A PowerNEST installation.

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Do you have a high-rise building that needs renewable power? PowerNEST is the only rooftop renewable energy system that can fully power a medium- to a high-rise building, according to its official website

It all began while CEO Dr. Alexander Suma was studying for his Ph.D. at the University of Miami, and he was stunned by the number of A/C units running all day in his neighborhood. With 6 million people living in sunny Miami-Dade, all running their wasteful air conditioning nonstop, Dr. Suma knew it was time for a better solution: that’s how he conceived of PowerNEST.

“It’s a flowing kinetic sculpture of wind and solar tech, a stunning crown that provides on-site energy for buildings five stories or higher. PowerNEST is a ready-made, eye-catching solution for conforming to new legislation, like Local Low 97 and the European Commission’s “Fit for 55” emissions standards before 2030,” says the site.

An award-winning architecture

PowerNEST has an award-winning architecture that generates six times more energy than solar panels alone. It harnesses the Venturi effect to add 40-60 percent more wind flow. This means it can create power even with a slight breeze. 

In addition, a bi-facial solar canopy captures more sunlight, at more angles, than a regular solar installation. The entire system can be adapted to optimize energy capture in local weather conditions. That’s how PowerNEST silently generates enough electricity to power a 15-story residential building fully.

“Cutting-edge solar panels are arranged bi-facially to generate energy above and below while being cooled by the air. The smart combo of wind and solar in PowerNEST captures more energy in more weather conditions than other on-site systems,” states the site.

In addition, noise levels from the power systems align with all building codes, with zero annoying acoustics or vibrations. Finally, the wind turbines can survive winds of up to 60 meters per second.

Reducing electricity bills

This not only reduces the electricity bill, but it's also an eco friendly-solution to powering homes. During the Paris Agreement, most nations agreed that humanity irreversibly affects the climate. As such, each country introduced its regulations to transition to renewable energy and reduce emissions. PowerNEST helps buildings conform to their new local emissions standards.

Any residential, commercial, or public building with a flat roof five stories or taller can install a PowerNEST. A minimum space of 50m 2 (550 square feet) is required for one unit, but more roof space dedicated to a PowerNEST system equals more energy output. PowerNEST is a perfect solution for urban and landlocked buildings. And in coastal or island areas, PowerNEST can work on rooftops below five floors.

PowerNEST is a truly innovative solution that can allow buildings to power all their activities in a truly environmentally friendly and eco-conscious way. It’s truly the future of power output and can save many greenhouse gas emissions.