Have Car, Will Hammock: New Hammock Stand Doesn't Use Trees

Shelby Rogers
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roadie1[Image Courtesy of Eagle Nest Outfitters]

Live somewhere without trees? As long as you have a car, you can still string up a hammock.

The ENO Roadie Hammock lets you use your car's weight to anchor the stand. Once you park, get out the Roadie. Place the stands in front of your tires and drive the car forward until it parks on top of the stands. Insert your ENO Atlas Straps, cararbiners and enjoy your hammock as normal.

roadie3[Image Courtesy of Eagle Nest Outfitters]

This sounds like simple solution for a first world problem, and for $200, it's an expensive solution.

However, the team at ENO thinks it's perfect for the ultimate traveler:

"Be it at Bonnaroo or somewhere on Route 66, the Roadie is there for you - without forcing you to play 'Life is a Highway' for the umpteenth time."

roadie2[Image Courtesy of Eagle Nest Outfitters]

Hammock Stand Info

Weight: 56 lbs

1 ' 5" x 1' 5" x 4' 3"

Minimum Vehicle Weight Needed to Support: 2,500 lbs

Minimum Wheel Base: 7' 10"

For more information about the Roadie Stand and other ENO products, click here.

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