A new head-up display could change how we drive in the future

Continental has won the innovation award at CES 2023 for the seventh consecutive year.
Ameya Paleja
The Head-Up Display from Continental
The Head-Up Display from Continental


Continental AG, the German developer of pioneering technologies in mobility, has been picked to receive the Innovation Award for its Scenic View Heads-Up Display (HUD) at CES 2023, the company said in a press release. The CES is a technology trade show held in Las Vegas in January every year.

Continental, a more than a century and a half old company, has developed technologies that enable safe, efficient, and intelligent movement of people and vehicles. According to its website, technologies developed by the company are used widely in popular brands such as Volkswagen, BMW, and Ford, including their recent offerings in the electric vehicle (EV) segment.

Continental-developed technologies have been entrants to the Innovation Award at the CES for several years. The Award program recognizes honorees in 28 consumer technology product categories, and Continental has been selected to receive an award for the seventh consecutive year, the press release added.

The Scenic View Heads-Up Display

AT CES 2023, to be held between January 5 and 8th next month, Continental will be awarded for its innovation in Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility for its Scenic View Heads-Up Display (HUD).

The HUD hides a vehicle's display inside the dashboard and reflects the information on the lower black-band area of the windshield. The solution is designed to create a reduced look-down angle so that drivers can get all the critical information regarding the car's safety while still keeping their eyes on the road.

(The video shared above was shared when the technology was still in development)

The Scenic View HUD takes information that would be visible in the instrument cluster, center, and passenger displays and reflects an extremely wide virtual image visible to everyone traveling in the vehicle. Thus, even the essential safety information is visual to even the passenger in the vehicle.

Advantages of the HUD

The intended effect is achieved by hiding the display module inside the vehicle's dashboard, which then reflects the information on the lower black-print area of the windshield. The company has developed a proprietary algorithm that optimizes the system's power consumption. The system is visibly bright to ensure that it can be used in various environmental lighting conditions.

Introducing such a display also paves the way for more innovations in dashboard designs for vehicle manufacturers. Since the HUD assumes the role of multiple displays, there is new real estate available for vehicle manufacturers to experiment with. Also, since a single module of the HUD can be used across vehicle segments, it can help in the reduction of costs as well as system integration efforts.

“Vehicle safety is our number one priority. Scenic View HUD brings vivid, exciting display technologies to a vehicle in a way that prioritizes safety," said Jens Brandt, Head of User Experience Business Area, Continental North America, in the press release. "It’s a totally new design concept to display information in the vehicle. A driver is more connected to the road with the Scenic View HUD, thereby ensuring a better, safer driving experience.”

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