Hidden Motor Attaches to Road Bikes to Give an Extra Boost

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road bike power[Image Source: Vivax]

Electric bikes have been all the rage on crowdfunding sites recently, but many leave your wallet empty and your adventure-seeking self wanting more. Not to mention, if you already have a nice bike, getting a whole new frame seems a little unnecessary when all you want is a little boost on the hills. One company has recognized the problem created a 200W motor that straps onto any road bike you currently own with just a little bit of modification. The small motor is sleek too; see if you can spot the motor in the video below.


The two main battery options on the Vivax Assist motor system allow for 60 or 90 minutes of continuous usage.  So, this system solves the problem of buying a whole new bike when you already have a perfectly good one, but it is not without flaws and inconveniences. First off, you can still expect to pay upwards of four grand for the entire system, and that's not including installation, which is another affair in and of itself. According to Cycling Tips, installing the little motor inside the frame of your bike is such a difficult task that even your local bike shop may not be able to do it. The motor is controlled by a button on the handlebars and the battery is hidden away in a small pouch.

A product like this really limits itself to quite a niche market, one that is willing to spend US$4K to give their road bike a little extra power. If you spend that amount of money on a motor, you probably are one to spend that or more on a nice bike as well. So, in essence, this device is currently only practical for the SERIOUS bicycling enthusiast, but it does give us some idea where the biking industry is headed.

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vivax assist motor[Image Source: Vivax]

Having a motorized personal electric vehicle used to mean bulky batteries and short ride times before you had to recharge. Now, with innovative motor and battery design and as costs lower, the average person may be able to motorize their bike for cheap and have quite a bit of fun with it. This means that more people may see biking as a viable commuting option for getting to work. Getting more people out of cars and exercising is good for everyone's health and the environment.

assist motor e-bike[Image Source: Vivax]

If you are one of the few that think you want this custom motor, you can check out the product on their website here.

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