This Alarm Clock Donates to Charity Every Time You Hit the Snooze Button

Kathleen Villaluz

There are two kinds of people in the world - one who only sets one alarm and one who sets multiple alarms. By multiple, we mean one initial alarm then twenty snooze alarms with five-minute intervals. If you're not a morning person and always struggle to find the will to drag yourself out of bed then this article is for you. We found this interesting alarm clock that will teach you how to stop hitting the snooze button. Snoozing for five more minutes after your alarm rang won't be an option anymore as this alarm clock will give away your real money if you do so.

SnuzNLuz alarm clock

Let's face it, we don't usually immediately get up when the alarm clock rings. And things can quickly turn into a nightmare once you tell yourself "I'll doze off for a few more minutes". That's why most people usually set a snooze alarm or two just to make sure they don't fall back into a deep sleep. It's a prevalent problem really. So, to help you morning zombies out with your everyday struggles against the morning apocalypse, we present to you the SnuzNLuz alarm clock. It's based on the concept of "if you snooze you lose".

This Alarm Clock Donates to Charity Every Time You Hit the Snooze Button

[Image Source: ThinkGeek]

How does this alarm clock differ from the others? Well, each time you strike its snooze button, the alarm system will donate some of your money to an organization you despise. In other words, it's voluntary extortion. Failing to wake up becomes an absolute liability for those who decide to take a few minutes to doze off. Does it really cure the snooze button addiction? If you don't have a stache of money to cushion your pillows then yes. If you have a few hundred bucks to spare then maybe you could afford the luxury of hitting the snooze button.

It's quite easy to calibrate. The evil alarm clock can be hooked up manually through the RJ45 jack or via Wi-Fi. There's an embedded web browser where users can configure the snooze system. From there, simply choose from the list of supported online bank institutions (with over 1,600 banks listed) then pass through the login section. Over 6,200 charities and non-profit organizations are supported by the snooze device - surely there would be a few that you think is ridiculous and doesn't deserve any funds. And that's the whole point of it. To give away your money to charities you don't like just because you can't resist hitting the snooze button. The minimum amount you can donate is $10 so it is quite a stingy price to pay. You can check the list of people with matching contradicting charities from ThinkGeek. They promise to cure people's snooze button addiction. If you're a real morning zombie then this is probably something you'd want to invest on. It's only $39.99 - not a steep price to pay for curing your morning snooze issues.

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