How drones are taking over the world

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It is now official; drones are taking over the world. Ever since their introduction, it seems like people cannot stop finding new ways to make good use of them. It used to be just a toy and now, there are even people that are working towards creating a Drone Racing League in the United States. Yes, it is that serious.
Given all these, here are some interesting events that have taken the headlines in the past few months.

1. Chinese power

Did you know that DJI, a Chinese company, manufactures 70% of all the civilian drones in the whole world?

2. Delivery drones by Amazon, Google and Facebook

Picture this; your door bell rings. You open the door and the delivery guy is there. The delivery guy hands you a document to sign for your package. You sign and collect your package, satisfied. The delivery guy flies away...because the delivery guy is a drone.

3. Drones get banned

It is not always good news for the drone family. Just last month, the FAA banned all drones within a 32 mile radius of the Super Bowl stadium in Santa Clara, California.

According to FAA regulations, "The United States government may use deadly force against the airborne aircraft, if it is determined that the aircraft poses an imminent security threat."

Can you believe that?

drones banned[Image Source: FAA]

4. Drone invasion

The fact that the number of drones in our society keeps increasing very rapidly is becoming a concern for some. During the holiday season last year, the FAA predicted that over a million drones were sold.

Will it get out of control?

5. War drones

This is one of the main reasons why drones make headlines these days. Although a lot of people use drones either for fun or to make some money, some are used in war zones and surveillance.

war drone[Image Source: David Axe/Flickr]

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6. Catching fish with drones

Farmer Derek Klingenberg tried using his drone to catch some fish last year.

7. Hawk Vs. Drone

One of the perks of being a drone is that you get to fight with birds in the sky. This is probably the closest thing to Superman vs Ironman in real life.

8. Drones Used To Drop Drugs in Prison Yards

Delivering drugs to people in prison can be a very difficult thing, there is just so much security. But why try to slip through the whole security when you can just jump right into the prison yard?

And that is how some criminals decided to use these hovering machines to smuggle drugs into prison yards.

drone drug[Image Source: Techno Mexico]

9. Dad Builds Drone To Follow Son To Bus Stop

Mother of Laziness or Best Dad Ever?

drone follows kid to bus stop[Image Source: Paul Wallich]

10. Drone Crashes On White House Lawn

Once upon a time in Washington D.C at 3am in the morning, a drone decided to pay President Obama a visit at the White House. As the drone slipped past security, little did it know that its pilot had lost control. Less than 5 seconds later, the drone crashed into a tree, raising security concerns in Washington D.C. The end.

drone crash in white house[Image Source: US Secret Service]

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