How to Access the Benefits of Automation as an Average Person

CEO of UiPath explained how robots can be democratized at TechCrunch Disrupt in Berlin.
Fabienne Lang

The robotics and automation industry keeps growing each year. Many of us can be thankful for that as automation can remove the tedious work we sometimes have to do as workers.

UiPath, the fastest growing and leading provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) software worldwide, is one of the many companies working in the robotics and automation world.

Daniel Dines, UiPath's CEO and co-founder spoke at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in Berlin on Thursday to explain how the average person can access the benefits of automation.


A short summary of RPA and automation in the workforce by Dines

For Dines, us humans created automation processes, he said that we put the systems in place that means we use interfaces at work. 

How to Access the Benefits of Automation as an Average Person
Co-founder and CEO of UiPath, Daniel Dines, Source: Fabienne Lang/Interesting Engineering

At UiPath their interface replicates the human steps and processes — human readable interfaces — into technology. 

The biggest challenge is that we are used to these work processes, so it is tricky to push people to start new ways of operating. The way UiPath began instilling this in their own company was by using this technology, proving it's possible to embrace new processes. 

This may be a smoother process with a small company, however, Dines pointed out that this is possible with bigger companies too.

For instance, in just 18 months UiPath employed more than 2,000 employees. This is incredibly fast scaling, meaning processes need to be added quickly, and managing an entire organization has to be a smooth process.

Streamlining processes and getting rid of bureaucracy by introducing automation were high priorities for Dines and his company. 

How to Access the Benefits of Automation as an Average Person
Democratizing Robots, Source: Fabienne Lang/Interesting Engineering

Will automation take over people's jobs?

Automation was not created to replace jobs, according to Dines. People rarely do simple tasks in their work, their jobs usually consist of a series of activities, which robots can't do. Only 5% of jobs can be fully automated, even with state of the art technology. 

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That said, tech can change jobs for the better. Just take the farming industry and how quickly it's improved in the past century. From manual and very hard labor, much of the work is automated nowadays. 

How to Access the Benefits of Automation as an Average Person
Daniel Dines at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin, Source: Fabienne Lang/Interesting Engineering

Dines wants to "take the robot out of the human", to make jobs more interesting for humans in the end, as the simpler tasks that are sometimes hard can be taken over by automation. 

What does the workforce look like in two years' time in terms of automation? 

Dines predicted that in two years the top ten companies in the world will seriously adopt automation into their processes.

People will understand that robots are their friends. At the moment it's still focused on the 'Terminator' stance, but that will change soon and quickly. 

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