How to Prepare for Civil Engineering Interview Questions

Can you calmly share your thoughts and prove your capability in a job interview? Try answering some of these civil engineering interview questions to prepare.
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How nervous are you? Your civil engineering interview is coming up and you’re probably afraid your anxiety will ruin it for you. 

Where does anxiety come from? Could it be because you’ll be facing ‘the unknown’?

So let’s give you a rundown of definite features of every civil engineering interview. When you have a better idea of what’s coming, you’ll relax more so you can handle the tricky parts with ease.

What do Interviewers Want?

Let’s be honest. It’s not going to be easy. Your new employers need to know exactly who they’re hiring because civil engineering is a tough business.

But, no, it’s not only about challenging you about your study marks. Here’s what they’re looking for:

-Technological knowledge

-Engineering skills

-People skills

How will they gauge how capable you are in all relevant areas? You can expect civil engineering interview questions like the ones below. 

Most Likely Questions You’ll Find in Any Civil Engineering Interview

Yes, each interview will be different. But knowing what interviewers think, can help you prepare. Before the interview, ask your friends’ support. Let them ask you interview questions relating to the following areas. You’ll be so used to it by the time you get to your interview, you won’t be anxious at all.

Questions about Engineering

Your new boss plays a certain role in the civil engineering market. He or she needs to know you’ll complement that role. Do you know about the latest news and developments in your field? Are you aware of the challenges that civil engineers face

Only if you have a realistic expectation of your future job environment will you have career satisfaction & deliver quality work. Employers gauge your view from the very start.


-What challenges do you expect in your first year working here?

-Where do people and the environment rate on your priority list as a civil engineer?

-What is the most important engineering skill or lesson that you’ve learned?

Questions about Theory

You won’t be sitting alone, figuring out solutions. You’ll be part of a team and you need to give ideas, insight & facts. Can you easily relate your knowledge about civil engineering? 

Potential employers will test your general engineering knowledge, but also your ability to communicate it clearly. Take your time to think about the answer, so your feedback makes sense. It also shows you can handle pressure.

Most Popular


-Can you list differences between two structural design methods?

-How is drinking water filtered to expel contaminants?

Questions about Your Studies

Civil engineering is a very practical career. Your employer needs to know you’ll use your learned skills effectively.

What do your studies prove? Yes, your marks prove your knowledge. But an employer is building his or her own dream. They need passionate people to partner with. If you took part in technical projects outside of normal course work, it proves your enthusiasm for your career. 


-What projects did you pursue other than those organized by the university?

-Why aren’t you employed at the moment?

-What is your five-year plan?

Questions about You

Why are you at the interview? Your employers need to know your motivation for pursuing this career path. They want employees who will commit for the long term. Can you share your passion for the industry and show you’re the best candidate?


You should also research the company. Employers need to know you’re really interested in landing the position. Motivated candidates will already know unique details about the companies they want to work for.

And what personal skills do you bring to the table? You’ll be working with a team, so social and management skills are important. You also need to showcase honesty and reliability. It’s ideal to hire natural leaders who will manage people and responsibilities easily.

Can you prove that you’re the top candidate? 


-Why did you study civil engineering?

-What made you apply for a job at our company?

-What is the most important characteristic any civil engineer should have?

-Do you enjoy site work and why?

-Why are you a good civil engineer?

-What did you learn out of your biggest failure?

Industry Relevant Questions

Do you realize the many facets of this career? You’ll be working with facts, figures, paperwork, construction sites, your team and the public. And you need to keep your boss happy. Are you prepared for everything involved in the process?

Depending on your employer’s focus areas, you can expect some of these civil engineering interview questions. 


-How well do you relate to people?

-How do you handle conflict?

-Describe a challenging experience with a client or team member.

-Do you get frustrated when no one uses your ideas?

-Describe the perfect boss

-How much do you expect to get paid in 2018?

Practical Questions

Can you recall all you’ve learned during your studies? You may need to use the knowledge to solve a problem during the interview. 

Your interviewers want to see you can apply theories in practice. But they’re also gauging how you handle difficult situations. Staying calm during interviews is paramount. 


-Describe one of your 2017 projects’ goal, necessary skills and outcome

-What do you need to repair a midbeam?

-How have you used computer software in terms of completing your projects?

-What was the most challenging emergency situation you ever had to deal with?

Can you calmly share your thoughts and prove your capability, no matter what you’re asked? Please write down your answers to some of these interview questions. It’s not a waste of time. It could help you answer clearly on the day, instead of seeming flustered. The additional effort may help you get the jobs you want. 

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