How to survive an ice age: We've done it before, but can we do it again?

Our species is incredibly smart and adaptable. But, given our current reliance on technology, could we survive another ice age in the future?
Christopher McFadden
Would we survive another ice age?


  • Ice ages are periods in Earth's history characterized by widespread glaciation and a significant drop in global temperatures.
  • They have occurred several times throughout millions of years, with the most recent ice age ending about 11,000 years ago.
  • Another will occur in the future, but are we ready for it?

While past events can provide valuable insights into the causes and effects of ice ages, it's important to understand how to survive and thrive in the face of a potential future ice age. Here, we'll try to look at the science behind the ice ages, talk about the different ways people and animals have survived in the past, and look at new ways we might be able to adapt to a colder climate.

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