How to Switch Your Data from an iPhone to Android or Vice Versa

dr.fone- Switch makes the process of switching between devices significantly easier and less tedious.
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Created: 6/28/2019

After much debate, countless YouTube think pieces, forums, and the occasional discussion among mates; you have decided to make the switch to a new phone and operating system, concluding that the grass is much greener on the other side. So, what are you switching to? 

Perhaps you are moving on from Android to Apple because of the phone’s extensive but easy to use ecosystem, access to the best apps first, or debating better long-term hardware? Or maybe you are on the flipside and are looking to jump from iOS to Android because of better user experience, stronger features, and high-performance phones. 

There's no point in trying to debate or try to convince someone that either the device or operating systems are better. However, the big question looming at the moment probably centers around how exactly you plan on copying one phone to the other. 


Anyone will tell you that the process of properly transferring data between two phones is far from straightforward and can go from tedious to annoying very quickly.

Even more so, this could be another reason why you are slow to make the change. Nevertheless, with the help of dr.fone - Switch, you can copy your vital and crucial data with just one click. 

Click Phone to Phone Transfer 

The power of being able to make one click cannot be underestimated when transferring “your digital life” from phone to phone. Starting at $35.00 for a 1-year license, dr.fone - Switch is a beautiful and elegant phone switch tool. 

 How to Switch Your Data from an iPhone to Android or Vice Versa
Source: dr. fone-Switch

Part of the much larger dr.fone mobile solution kit, dr.fone - Switch allows you to transfer all types of data like contacts, messages, photos, music, calendar, etc. from phone to phone seamlessly.

However, it goes much deeper than that. No matter what direction from Android to Apple or vice versa, the phone switch takes the hassle out of making the switch between phones. 

Why dr.fone - Switch?

The beauty of downloading dr.fone- Switch is its accessibility across devices, meaning the transferring tool can be used on a wide range of devices.

 How to Switch Your Data from an iPhone to Android or Vice Versa
Source: dr. fone-Switch

Compared to other commercial transfer services where device compatibility is extremely limited, the phone switch program works perfectly for more than 8000+ smartphones and tablets, no matter if your device is unlocked or not. 

Now when you are about to make the switch to a new phone, you obviously want to have access to your new phone as soon as possible.

Standard transfer programs could take countless hours and even days. Through a simple USB transfer, you can have your photos, videos, contacts, messages, call history, bookmarks, calendar, voice memo,  and music all transferred within 3 minutes

So how easy is it to transfer your data from phone to phone using dr.fone - Switch?

How to Transfer data phone to phone using dr.fone - Switch

dr.fone-Switch is trusted and loved by over 50 million customers not just because of the extensive compatibility, support of 15 file types, and speed, but also how easy the transfer system is to use as well as the various ways you can use it. 

 How to Switch Your Data from an iPhone to Android or Vice Versa
Source: dr. fone-Switch

With the tool you can easily switch from iOS to Android, Android to iOS, iOS to iOS, and finally Android to Android. Dr. fone-Switch supports lots of different data types across different smartphones.

Say you finally are making the switch from Android to iOS simply because you need to get your hands on the latest iPhone. Of course, you might want to keep some of your music, apps, personal photos, and videos when you get your new phone.  

To transfer data from Android to iPhone is simple. First, simply connect your devices via USB. Secondly, select the appropriate file types. Finally, within just one click you have your data on your brand new iPhone within 3 minutes. The dr. fone-Switch guide breaks it down even further, making sure you transfer everything you need. 

If you were looking to get a new notchless Android phone and are making the switch right over from an iPhone, the process is just as convenient. Perhaps you have a brand new Android phone and simply want to import your contacts and call history? Guess what? The process is very easy. 

To make an already easy process even easier, the minds behind dr.fone-Switch have made it extremely easy with their video guides and answers to common questions that you may have for your phone transfer. Perhaps you simply want to find out how to transfer contacts from android to iPhone? They have got a guide for that. 

The Verdict

Using dr. fone-switch is that easy and can be tailored and tuned to fit your exact needs. You no longer have to sit on the fence and wait for the right moment to make a switch. With this tool, making the switch between operating devices has never been easier, even if you decide to switch back. Be sure to stop by their website to learn more about dr. fone-switch.

Will you be switching over to another phone anytime soon? 

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