Huawei Reportedly Shipped 1 Million Smartphones with New OS for Testing

In preparation for its supposed launch in the Fall, Huawei is moving swiftly to finalize their new OS.
Fabienne Lang

Huawei seems to have pressed the fast-forward button on its launch of self-developed new OS, due to hit the markets in the Fall.

It is now being speculated that the Chinese tech firm has sent one million of its smartphones with the new operating system for testing. 


This move is part of a wider battle, where the U.S. government has placed a trade ban on Huawei producing or making any products within the United States. This has led to the company looking elsewhere, predominantly domestically, for new collaborations.

There has been many assumptions that Huawei has been working closely with local businesses to produce its new OS.

This latest report provided by an agency-only institutional brokerage firm, Rosenblatt Securities, stated that a million of Huawei's smartphones have been shipped for testing. 

Huawei's new OS

Richard Yu, Huawei's CEO of consumer goods, earlier stated in a WeChat group that the operating system will support mobile phones, computers, tablets, televisions, cars and smart wearable devices.

The comments were sparked after Google said it would have to cut its Android operating system from Huawei devices, due to the U.S. ban.

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In turn, Huawei has had to make some major shifts and prepare for a worst-case scenario as the ban has not yet been 100 percent confirmed. 

In line with this, Huawei Central, a wesbite with the sole purpose of broadcasting news on the company, declared that Huawei had filed 'HongMeng' trademark applications, what the the new OS is currently called, with almost all intellectual property organizations around the world. 

These included countries and regions such as Canada, Australia, South Korea and Mexico. 

So far, Huawei have made no comments on the subject of the shipment of its phones. 

As usual, we will simply have to wait and see what happens in the Fall, as no confirmations have been made. 

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