New hyperrealistic game takes you racing on other planets

Developers describe Exo Rally Championship as a “brutally realistic racing simulation.”
Loukia Papadopoulos
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Exo Rally.


Australian indie developer Exbleative, the studio behind Exo One, has released yet another exciting adventure game: Exo Rally Championship.

In this version of the game, players won’t be flying a UFO-inspired craft. They will get behind the wheel of an advanced RCS thruster-enhanced rover in a bold and exciting attempt to win “the galaxy’s most dangerous off-road racing event.” 

“After making Exo One, I really wanted to explore traversal on other worlds from a totally different angle. Exoplanetary rally brings together all the elements of an exoplanet and challenges you to face them head-on - its gravity, terrain, weather, atmosphere, and endless hazards. Every aspect of the planet is materially affecting your rover and your time, pushing you dangerously close to the limit,” said Jay Weston, creator of Exo Rally.

The new game removes the limitations of a traditional track, focusing instead on procedurally generated stages amplified by weather effects and significant terrain challenges.

Furthermore, players can customize, tune, and repair their rovers to make them more powerful and more fit for the exciting adventures the game offers.

The game boasts planets and stages that are procedurally generated, guaranteeing that no playthrough will be the same and making each race a real challenge. This game is not for the faint of heart!

Customization options?

One question does arise, however: how are players supposed to prepare their rovers for the exoplanetary rally if they don’t know the conditions in advance? We can guess that customization options will likely be accessible after the stage is procedurally generated.

Unfortunately, one drawback is that you must play the game alone, as there is no multiplayer component. You can, however, share seeds with friends to generate the same stages and compete for the best times. 

Developers describe Exo Rally Championship as a “brutally realistic racing simulation.” However, since it occurs on other planets, it's hard to gauge how realistic it is.

The developers are likely referring to the simulations, even in the trailer, which looks like they have been filmed rather than generated. Exo Rally Championship will be released in 2024 and only available on PC (sorry Apple fans!).

Those that can’t wait to play the game can sign up to be on its wish list.

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