Hyundai Has Transformed Its 1986 Grandeur Into an All-Electric Masterpiece

Bring it back.
Brad Bergan
The refurbished Hyundai Grandeur.Hyundai

Hyundai has debuted a restored and hypermodified electric 1986 Grandeur to a level of splendor that may cause you to give in, and declare it a masterpiece, according to an initial report from DesignBoom.

Called a "restomod" variant, it's the latest in the automaker's heritage series, which involves revisiting its greatest hits and equipping them with an electric powertrain, along with new, "retro-futuristic" styling to affirm the heritage of each vehicle, while also imbuing the car with a future-oriented design philosophy.

1986 Grandeur Front
The front and left side of the 1986 Grandeur. Hyundai

Hyundai's 1986 Grandeur blends sustainable power with luxurious excess

Hyundai's newest restomod kept the old-school boxy profile of the 1986 Grandeur, but the most distinguishing exterior aspect is the pair of "pixel" LED headlights and taillights, serve as a conceptual "echo" of the squared-off theme of the main body.

1986 Grandeur Rear Grid
'Pixel' inspired rear headlights, reflecting the boxy frame of the car. Source: Hyundai

Additional new features include flat wheel covers, and a chrome mesh grille and trim, according to the report.

1986 Grandeur Flat Rims
The 1986 Grandeur electric refurbish has flat tire rims. Source: Hyundai

The interior was completely overhauled. A widescreen display and soundbar were installed with a portrait control panel to put multimedia, air conditioning, and driving functions in one area. The design team claims its 18-speaker sound system can generate the full spectrum of "acoustic theory similar to that of a concert hall," according to the report.

1986 Grandeur Interior
The burgundy interior, with silver metal and glossy accents. Source: Hyundai

The interior is also smothered in a red velvet lining and upholstory that combines Nappa leather with bright burgundy, in addition to silver metal complete with black glossy accents. It should go without saying that this is a luxury vehicle, with uncommon features like a watch storage slot, a group of interior "infinity mirrors" across the roof, a throttle gear selector, and even a virtual piano collaboratively developed with the musicial instrument brand Samick. It feels like a Daft Punk concert in there.

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It can be argued that making an electric luxury car is a contradiction in terms, from the viewpoint of sustainability, supply chain issues, and global crisis. But it's not impossible to build on the stylistic expression of past decades without the fossil fuel excess. And the ability to dream big while keeping to a more sustainable design philosophy is the only way anyone will find climate-conscious engineering appealing. In other words, Hyundai's refurbished 1986 Grandeur accidentally evokes what's probably the core values of our times, the paradox of mixing sustainable engineering in the guise of luxurious excess.