IntelliCare: An App Suite Designed to Get Rid of Anxiety and Depression

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In a recent article by Interesting Engineering, we discussed the link between social media and depression. The article investigated a study done by the University of Pittsburgh which found that the more social media platforms one spends time swiping through, the more prone to depression that individual becomes.

As interesting as that sounds, for some, it may be too late. Depression is a condition that leaves the individual with feelings of inadequacy and despondency. And not seeking assistance may lead to drastic eventualities.

So for someone who is active on social media and spends a good portion of their day fumbling through their smart devices, what solution is there to prevent themselves from the anticipated mood drop?

Here is the answer:

IntelliCare, a unique suite of 13 mini-apps, helps countering the effects that may challenge someone during difficult times. These apps offer methods to reduce stress and anxiety through exercises and rewarded activities.

The apps include a range of strategies designed to motivate the user and increase their self-worth. One of the ways to achieve this is using the ‘Daily Feats app. Another activity app called ‘Purple Chill’ takes a more worry-free approach by offering purposeful meditations and calming exercises.

'Worry Knot'uses guided self-help techniques to reduce anxiety while an app called ‘My Mantra’ finds tailored phrases that inspire you. These apps highlight your value and strenghts in order to motivate you to feel better.

You can check out the full list of apps here.

13 Apps For A Healthy State of Mind

The collection of apps provide enough features and flexibility to keep the user motivated on the path to a healthy state of mind.

A preliminary study was published in January 2016, in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. The study was conducted with 105 participants using the IntelliCare interactive apps for eight consecutive weeks. 96 patients completed the course and spent a daily average of 4 minutes using the apps. Following the completion of the study, the participants reported a 50 percent decrease in the severity of their depression. Therefore, methods of IntelliCare provides a significant alternative to antidepressant treatment.

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IntelliCare: An App Suite Designed to Get Rid of Anxiety and Depression[Image Source: Pixabay]

"We designed these apps so they fit easily into people's lives and could be used as simply as apps to find a restaurant or directions." says the lead study author David Mohr. Mohr. Mohr is a professor of preventive medicine and director of the Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

Feeling under the weather? Why not try out one of these apps.

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