IKEA Targets Emissions-Free Delivery in Five Cities by 2020

IKEA is aiming for zero-emissions delivery in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York City, Paris, and Shanghai by 2020.
Kashyap Vyas

When it comes to taking steps towards an eco-friendly planet, the Swedish giant IKEA is no stranger. The multinational company already stopped the application of non LED appliances years ago, and with this new move, the company is all set to widen the scope of environmental sustainability.

IKEA green initiative: All you need to know

The IKEA chief Jesper Bordin seemed highly motivated and determined to reduce the global emissions that are harmful to humankind in the long run. The CEO on Friday quoted that the company tries to challenge themselves and inspire others to bring the changes which can only be attained by collaboration.

He also added that it is critical for IKEA to expand the business in an eco-friendly and sustainable way so that it doesn’t lead to damage the environment more than actually needed.

In this new stride, the company has solemnly vowed to utilize electric vehicles with zero emissions for the home delivery of the furniture and other stuff. This step will surely cut down a large amount of gaseous discharge of harmful elements from the atmosphere.

So, from now on you can receive your beautiful sofa or the elegant bookshelf with a clearer conscience as you are aware that you are caring for the planet a bit more with IKEA sustainable shipment of goods.


For now, the company has planned to launch the eco-friendly initiative in the five biggest cities of the world and hopes to make it fully operational by the year 2020. The five cities included in the IKEA 2020 list are Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York City, Paris, and Shanghai.

The delivery in these cities will be done either by electric vehicles or by any other mode that involves no gas emission. The IKEA group aspires to reach a score of perfect hundred for its last mile home delivery.

This will no doubt be a pivotal stride in the attainment of scientific goals and thus contribute actively to the Paris Agreement. The green initiative will also help the multinational store to reach out to more people with their air and noise free transportations.

A glance at IKEA's future sustainable home delivery goals

The four major targets included by the IKEA Group in their new environment-friendly initiative broadly encompasses the following targets:

- Taking up the five above-mentioned cities and making home delivery emission-free in their inner cities by 2020.

- Targets to reach to 25% sustainable emission free home delivery by 2020 and quadruple it to attain 100% EV delivery or by other pollution-free means by 2025.

Making charging stations accessible throughout all the IKEA group touchpoints present all over 30 markets by the year 2020. This will include all the IKEA stores, offices and distribution centers.

IKEA also plans on minimizing the emissions from the co-workers and the customers going to the IKEA Group touchpoints and reducing it to 50%.


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