Ikea Will Buy Back Your Unwanted Items for Up to 50% of Original Price

The scheme which aims to reduce and recycle waste only runs for a limited amount of time.
Fabienne Lang

Ikea is jumping on the reducing waste bandwagon: The Swedish furniture company explained it would be buying back furniture from customers for up to 50% of the original price. 

The Buy Back initiative was announced by Ikea on Tuesday, outlining the conditions of the project. If you no longer want or need some of your Ikea furniture, then you can sell it back to the company in return for store coupons.

The launch of the scheme will coincide with Black Friday and will run from November 27th until December 3rd in 27 countries worldwide. 


More sustainable living

"By making sustainable living more simple and accessible, Ikea hopes that the initiative will help its customers take a stand against excessive consumption this Black Friday and in the years to come," explained Ikea in its press release.

The value of the vouchers customers will receive in exchange for their returned furniture will depend on the conditions of the items. 

New items with no scratches will be offered 50% of the original cost, those with minor scratches 40%, and those items that are well used and scratched will get 30% in return. 

Reducing and recycling waste

The instructions state that the customers then need to return the fully assembled items to the returns desk, where Ikea employees will check the furniture before a final agreement is met. 

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And even if your item can't be resold, Ikea will recycle it.

The company has already been carrying out similar buy-back schemes in certain cities, for instance, Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland, for over a year. 

This larger step is one that brings Ikea closer to its goal of becoming "a fully circular and climate positive business by 2030," as per the BBC. Meaning, a company that reuses and recycles its products and materials. 

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