Illegal drone incursions are rising and NovoQuad is here for your security

The perfect way to combat unlawful infiltration.
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Created: 5/25/2022

With the advancement of technology, drones have become more accessible to the public and there is a growing market for this industry. Drones are now used in many industries such as agriculture, construction, filmmaking, photography, and the real estate industry.

However, easy access to such technology also aggravates the possible threat of drones being used for malicious purposes. And, there have been instances in the past when rogue drones wreaked havoc in certain places after authorities failed to detect and neutralize them.

Back in 2018, the Gatwick airport in Britain, the second-busiest airport in the country, was shut down for 33 hours due to the illegal intrusion of two drones that the authorities were never able to find and neutralize.

The result, you ask? Simple, flying drones disrupted 1000 flights and affected the travel plans of about 140,000 people.

The Present-Day Dilemma

The Gatwick incident is a stunning eye-opener as to why we need to have a durable and sturdy anti-drone technology in place to combat illegal drone incursions at public places.

 Jammers are a fine way to combat such drones; they are available in both portable and stationary formats. When it comes to portability, jammers are designed into gun-like devices that can be used to detect and combat illegal drone intrusions. However, the traditional portable jammers aren’t devoid of shortcomings.

 To begin with, traditional anti-drone jammers require human intervention as they rely on visual search. Unless and until a person spots a drone, these jammers cannot be put to do the work they are built for. In a nutshell, the reliance of this technology on human intervention can likely result in unwanted losses.

 This is precisely where NovoQuad’s innovative anti-drone solution comes in.

NovoQuad’s Novel Anti-Drone System

Illegal drone incursions are rising and NovoQuad is here for your security
Source: NovoQuad

U.S.-based organization NovoQuad is known for designing cutting-edge defense and security products.

Illegal drone incursions are rising and NovoQuad is here for your security
Source: NovoQuad

In 2020, the company unveiled the portable ND-BD003 Handheld Anti-Drone System, which is a significant improvement that reduces human intervention and increases accuracy. This system integrates five elements in one machine: detection, countermeasure, display, control and power supply.

Traditional anti-drone jammers have to rely on external detection devices to detect drones; these external devices need pre-operation assembly. This is precisely where the ND-BD003 system makes a huge difference. It is integrated with a detector that can identify and combat illegal intrusions with ease. Since there is no external device required for drone detection, this machine reduces response time significantly.  

The ND-BD003 Handheld Anti-Drone System has a lightweight design and a small frame, meaning you can easily take it anywhere with you. It’s mostly suitable for patrolling large events and providing security to military bases, critical infrastructures, airports, prisons, and much more.

The special features you ought to know

Illegal drone incursions are rising and NovoQuad is here for your security
Source: NovoQuad

The ND-BD003 Handheld Anti-Drone System offers some robust features which make it a piece of must-have defense equipment for patrolling in critical areas.

1. Programmable:

Users can set the interference frequency according to their preferences.

2. Target identification and warning:

The system identifies the target accurately and displays details such as drone model, drone communication frequency, signal strength, and other information on the gun’s LED screen.

 3. Passive detection and directional control:

The directional interference antenna design has strong directivity and long interference distance. Also, it can detect mainstream drones with bandwidths of 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz respectively.

4. Mobile App

Users can control the system via the mobile app, acquire target information, and also record real-time videos through it.

5. Removable battery

The battery is detachable and replaceable; it can be charged externally without much hassle.

6. One-button start design

The system has a fast response time as it can be started only by pressing a button. The lightweight design makes it super portable and easy to use.

7. Environmentally friendly

Since it has a low transmitting power, the system creates a low impact on the electromagnetic environment. It works only when a drone is detected and stays in standby mode for the rest of the time.

Let’s talk about some benefits

There isn’t a single benefit that hasn’t been covered by now, but here’s a short recap of what the ND-BD003 Handheld Anti-Drone System offers its users.

  • A lightweight and portable design that’s faster to deploy as compared to traditional jammers
  • Eliminates the use of external detection devices for identifying suspicious activity
  • Allows users to define some jamming frequency bands for flexibility
  • Offers quick response for cooperative deployment with other stationary anti-drone systems
  • The app control platform ensures the easy acquisition of target information
  • Provides detection, jamming, and recording services in a standalone system


As the years come by, drone technology is set to be developed further for good purposes, albeit also increasing possibilities for malicious use. However, the Anti-Drone System by NovoQuad is a significant step toward curbing illegal drone intrusions and foiling any hostile events that may occur in the aftermath.

You can contact the NovoQuad team to buy the ND-BD003 Handheld Anti-Drone System, Or else, you can also drop your queries to [email protected] and learn more about countering drones for security purposes.

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