Impressive Multi-Tool Incorporates Wire Strippers and Universal Wrench

Trevor English

Having tools on you at all times is essential to being prepared for whatever situation you may face. After all, if you really want to be an engineer, you have to be able to fix anything, anytime, anywhere. There are an endless amount of multi-tools out there, but most are cheap and break easily. A new tool called The Claw is crafted from a solid chunk of 440c stainless steel and packs 18 different tools into one device. Currently patent pending, the tool is completely functional and removes many of the fatigue issues seen in other tools. Check out what it can do in the video below.

There are common features on this multi-tool that can be seen on other products out there, but they way they are implemented makes The Claw unique. The hex ratchet section of the multi-tool allows you to operate the tool like a ratchet, without the mechanism seen in ratchet wrenches. Stepped faces on the hex ratchet also keeps you from hassling with correct sizing issues, seen on many other multi-tools. One of the most appealing things to us, at least, is that it is made from solid steel. That means there are no joints to wear out, and it will keep working, as long as you don't lose it.

claw[Image Source: Toolman]

The Claw is currently readying to launch on Indiegogo, where it will go on presale for US$35. You can check out many of the other 18 features featured on this multi-tool in the image below, or in the video above. Made to ISO9001:2008 standards, this every day carry device may just prove to be an actually useful tool to keep with you at all times.

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