This Incredible Floating House Complex is Truly Off-The-Grid

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For many people seeking environmentally friendly living, living off the grid remains the ultimate goal. Canadian couple Wayne Adams and Catherine King managed to do just that in a house built on 12 floating platforms. The Cypress Bay, British Columbia floating complex gives them and their guests all they could want in spectacular fashion. The Freedom Cove complex includes gardens and greenhouses with minimal environmental impact.  Since 1992, they've eaten whatever they grew in their garden and greenhouses. They drink fresh water from a fall and enjoy an entirely unique green life.

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Freedom Cove, a floating complex

Freedom Cove does more than just house the couple. To suit their needs, they added colorful living spaces, an art house, studio, and dancefloors. Wooden walkways connect the entire complex.

Entirely self-sustaining life

Wayne and Catherine also have two kids, who experienced how to live in and be a part of nature through growing up at Freedom Cove.  Catherine grows yummy veggies and fruits on her garden, Wayne catches seafood from the ocean and collects fresh water from a nearby waterfall. The couple doesn't even have a fridge or freezer.

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"This whole home is for the kids in our family to come and see what you can't learn in school anymore. When I was young, this is what you learned in school: skills. To share this with the community and young minds, that is the teaching here on the west coast. This is how I will live for the rest of my life"

Environment friendly

Since 1992, the settlement had been powered by 14-piece solar panel system and additionally through photovoltaic energy generators. According to Wayne, the generator supplies about 3,000 watts of electricity, which is enough to keep the lights on for around 12 hours. He adds:

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"We have both done so many things in our lives and we've had hard times, so we were well prepared for how different the lifestyle would be out here. It fits us."

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Wayne and Catherine are well-respected artists in their community and still spend their free time on their artwork. While Catherine focuses on dancing, writing, music, and painting, Wayne carves and makes candles to sell. You can find those products in local gift shops around Tofino.

How to visit Freedom Cove?

Touring is possible between June and September if you travel around Vancouver Island near Tofino. You can reach Freedom Cove via the Tofino Water Taxi, Browning Pass Coat Charters or a sea kayaking tours as well.

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If you like to experience this amazing environmentally friendly Freedom Cove and see its incredible turquoise and magenta design and architecture, visit Browning Pass Coat Charters website, and just enjoy a dream, which is truly possible to make it true.

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