Intel Now Has a Brand New Logo and Bong Sound

The new look and sound are meant to reflect the company's dedication to tackling climate change and the digital divide.
Loukia Papadopoulos

We always get a bit nostalgic when a beloved brand changes their look but it is often for a good reason. Intel has now changed its logo and even the pleasant bong sound that plays at the end of all its commercials.


Announced in a blog post on their site, the changes are meant to reflect the company's new purpose and goals. "Today, we make a leap into the future, with a transformed Intel brand that reflects our essential role in creating technology that moves the world forward," said Karen Walker, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Intel.

This is significant as the firm has only undertaken two major branding transitions its lifetime: once in 1969, the other in 2006. Walker stated in her blog that the time is right for the current transition as the company is different today then it was even just five years ago.

"We are actively executing against a new growth strategy, creating a new revenue mix and pursuing new market segments fueled by data and the rise of artificial intelligence, 5G network transformation, and the intelligent edge. Our diverse portfolio and the broader ecosystem are unparalleled," added Walker.

Walker went on to explain how the company's new motivation is to create world-changing technology that enriches the lives of every person on Earth and that it was urgent that the firm harnessed the breadth and scale of its reach to make a positive impact for people, businesses, and the planet.

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How one logo could represent all that is a bit difficult to understand but we must say that intel's new version is quite pleasing to the eye. The hue of blue they've could represent planet Earth and the simplification of the writing could be an attempt to grow closer to customers as Intel seeks to tackle both climate change and the digital divide.

"The new look and feel of the Intel brand is purposeful and inspired by Robert Noyce’s quote: “Don’t be encumbered by history. Go off and do something wonderful.” This quote has long served as a source of inspiration and innovation across the company; it’s in Intel’s DNA," concluded Walker.


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