Engineer who built Cordless Tesla teases what's coming up next

Matt Mikka explains his plans for version two of the Cordless Tesla.
Ameya Paleja
The modified Tesla with a single cylinder generator
The modified Tesla with a single cylinder generator

Warped Perception/ YouTube 

  • The modified Tesla Model S completed a 1,800-mile journey without connecting to a charger.
  • The modification of the car for this feat took over a year.
  • YouTuber surely loves his jet engines.

In October 2022, YouTuber Matt Mikka, known better for his channel Warped Perception, released a video of a Tesla Model S modified with a single-cylinder gasoline-powered generator that could charge the electric vehicle on the go. The mod freed the Tesla from the need to stop for charging at dedicated EV charging points, and Mikka made a trip of 1,600 miles without having to connect his Tesla to a charger. Although he did need to stop to gas up the generator, completely eliminating any of the environmental and cost-saving benefits of owning an electric car.

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