Introducing Circular's Smart Ring: The Only Fashionable Wellness Wearable Ring Around

Ever heard of Circular's Smart Ring? It might just be the only wellness wearable you ever need.
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Created: 1/28/2020

If you have become a little jaded with your existing wellness gadgets and apps, then Circular's Smart Ring might be the perfect health-assistant you've always been looking for. Unlike other devices, their ring is fashionable and comes with a powerful set of features to track and improve your health and wellbeing. 

Here we explore the features and vital stats of their new innovative device and take a look at the company behind it. 


What is Circular's Smart Ring? 

Circular's Smart Ring is a wellness wearable piece of tech that tracks many of your vital stats day and night. Unlike other wellness apps and gadgets on the market, its unique design and features actually provide an analysis of the data rather than just metrics and raw data.

circular smart ring advert
Circular's Smart Ring looks chic and helps you feel great! Source: Circular

The ring, and its associated app, focus on how the user responds to activities, daily choices, and rhythms to provide the wearer with handy recommendations based on the data collected. The tech looks great, is comfortable and is very discreet, unlike other gadgets that perform similar functions.

“A lot of the wearable devices that we see are too bulky, too gadget looking, lack personalization and present users with raw data without telling them how to use it. As wearable users ourselves, we wanted a device that would not only be more personal but would also use the data it found to help make recommendations for an overall healthier lifestyle,” says Circular's CEO Amaury Kosman.

The ring comes with a selection of custom outer shells including choices of silver, rose gold and black colors. This enables you to wear the ring on many different occasions. It also comes in 7 different sizes ranging from US6 to US12. 

It is waterproof, scratch-resistant, weighs around 4 grams, and offers in-built data storage (which provides about 1 full week's worth of data). The ring's battery lasts around 2 days and can fully charge within 90 minutes. 

circular smart ring shower
Circular's Smart Ring is completely waterproof, Source: Circular

It includes a 3-axis accelerometer, infrared heart rate sensor, and connects to your smartphone while using low-energy Bluetooth technology. 

"While designing Circular, our wish was to create a device that would rather assist us in making good decisions and responding to our body signals in a healthier way rather than just something that would simply tell us how good or bad we are doing. Everyone is unique. Whether it is in terms of lifestyle, fitness, thoughts, choices, recovery, health, or sleep patterns." - Circular

What features does Circular's Smart Ring have?

When paired up with its powerful iOS and Android compatible app, the wearer receives access to some very interesting and helpful customizable features. 

These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Alarm Clock - The ring comes with a smart, noninvasive and silent alarm clock. Circular studies the user’s sleep and smoothly wakes them up during the light sleep stage via silent vibrations. The accompanying app's analysis includes wake up "score", smart alarm, smart snooze, and a weekly overview.
  • Sleep Tracking - Analysis of body signals during sleep to help keep track of its efficiency while helping to improve its quality. The analysis includes: sleep quality score, sleep overview, sleep metrics, sleep graphs, and actionable recommendations.
circular smart ring app
Source: Circular
  • Activity Tracking - Quantified physical activities with metrics. App analysis includes activity overview, activity metrics, activity graphs, and actionable recommendations.
  • Wellness Monitoring - Monitors overall wellness and energy with day & night advanced cross analyses. This includes wellness metrics, energy score, wellness graphs, actionable recommendations.
  • Alert notifications - Calendar, reminders, timer or social notifications right on the user’s finger with discreet vibrations.
  • Push-button - Immediate action on the things a user does most. You can also control devices via the ring’s button.
  • Streaks & badges - Users receive badges for good performance in the Circular community.
  • Leaderboards - Users can share their wellness performances and feel ready to compete among the top individuals in the Circular community. This is a great feature for the more competitive of you out there!
  • Customized Feed - A user’s feed displays only the recommendations correlated to the circles they have activated.
  • Calendar - Quickly visualize what’s happening, add notes and make extra correlations to progress towards a goal.
  • Kira - An integrated intelligent companion that delivers smart and tailor-made insights at the right time. 

“At Circular, the idea was to create a device that would be your everyday life companion - from the beginning of the day by waking you up smoothly with a smart alarm, to a sleep analysis at the of the day,” explains Kosman.

“We also wanted a device that could help combat sleep inertia, to help with a user’s sports sessions with deep activity metrics and unique insights, to even getting notifications directly on your finger. Everyone is unique. Whether it is in terms of lifestyle, fitness, thoughts, choices, recovery, health, or sleep patterns. We wanted a wearable that would fit seamlessly in everyday activities and that would help users reach their goals,” he added.

circular smart rings options
Source: Circular

Who are Circular?

Circular is a part of Hardware Studio Connection and has, until now, been incubated since January 2018 at Incuballiance, the first technology incubator in France. The team’s mission is to build the next generation of wearable devices to improve humans’ capabilities by leveraging the power of AI, big data, miniaturization, and IoT.

The company describes themselves as: 

"We are a diverse and multicultural group of individuals with the same passion and will to build the next generation of wearable devices to improve humans’ capabilities. We take advantage of design, technical innovations, and our big thing is making sense of data to allow people to live to their fullest.

Our vision has led us all to embark on the crazy journey of combining the greatest tech of the past years. Imagine combining the power of AI, of big data, of miniaturization and of IOT altogether," - Circular

circular smart ring sleep
Source: Circular

The company joined Hardware Connection Studio in 2019 and has been backed by Avnet, Dragon Innovation and Kickstarter. The very same year they were awarded the 2019 Wellness content award by medical Insurance provider Aviva.

A beta prototype of their innovation wellness gadget was finalized in 2019 and their product's Kickstarter has just launched. If you want to get your very own early-release model, or wish to back the company financially, head over to their Kickstarter page ASAP. 

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