Introducing Millclock: The Company Bringing Nixie Tubes Back into the 21st Century

If you were looking for something different, check out Millclock's amazing range of Nixie-tube clocks and other gadgets.
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Created: 2/20/2020

Are you looking for a unique and interesting gift idea for that special gadget lover in your life? Perhaps you are a fan of retro-tech and are looking to treat yourself to something very special indeed?

Then let us introduce Millclock's amazing range of Nixie-tube clocks. You will not be disappointed. 

Who is Millclock?

Millclock is a Ukraine-based company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing original design clocks, watches, and thermometers. What makes them stand out from their competitors is their unique part steampunk-style designs and excellent quality. 

They excel at incorporating the most innovative technology and retro-tech all wrapped up in a wonderful industrial design. Their products are very unique and make the perfect addition to any technology-connoisseurs home.

"The company does its best to accelerate growth, create new opportunities for the unique technologies and sharpen the business by improving the service level being client sensitive and oriented. Our mission is to connect present-day production, efficient marketing and creative aspect in one winning strategy. Our goals are to collaborate with our partners removing barriers and contribute to the common wellbeing and happiness." - Millclock

What are Nixie tubes?

A Nixie tube, also known as a cold cathode display, is an electronic component that is able to display numerals, or other characters, using a glowing display. Usually housed within a glass tube, Nixie tubes contain a wire-mesh anode and multiple accompanying cathodes.


The cathodes are shaped to form numbers or other symbols that are usually stacked on top of each other. When power is applied to one of these shaped-cathodes, it gives off a warm orange glow discharge and the numeral/symbol is displayed.

The tube itself is filled with an inert gas like neon, mercury or argon as well as a Penning mixture. 

While the tubes ostensibly resemble a traditional vacuum tube, their operation does not rely on thermionic emissions of electrons from the cathode. For this reason, the can also be called cold-cathode tubes and are a variant of neon lamps. 

Some of the earliest examples of this technology appeared in the mid-1950s, and the name is derived from "NIX I" an abbreviation of "Numeric Indicator eXperimental No. 1". They were originally developed by Haydu Brothers Laboratories who were later bought out by the Burroughs Corporation

These tubes rarely exceded 40 degrees centigrade even under the most severe operating conditions at room temperature. 

What are the benefits of Millclock's Nixie products?

All of their products are power-saving and so can save you a pretty penny over their lifetime. 

Millclock nixie tubes
Source: Millclock

All Nixie clocks and SMT parts are made manually with professional equipment to a very high standard by Millclock.

The models are offered with advanced Standard software version of microprocessor and versions with supplementary features that makes the price affordable in every series.

What do they sell?

Millclock offers 1, 4, and 6 lamp Nixie clocks in either acrylic or wood enclosures or open Nixie clock circuits. Millclock handcrafts vintage Nixie clocks with obsolescent Nixie tubes, contemporary Nixie clocks and modern IN 18 tubes as well as their own production (ZIN 18).

Millclock has a wide range of products for any budget and taste. From desk clocks to thermometers, their products are bound to make any fan of engineering smile from ear to ear. Some of their most popular products include, but are not limited to: -

1. Their ZIN18 Range is stunning

Their ZIN range is a combination of "Z class" and "IN class" Nixie lamps. After years of trial and error, Millclock has been able to combine these classes into one, beautifully designed piece of equipment. 

The ZIN-18 is incredibly stylish and packed full of wonderful tech for even the most austere of tech-lovers. 

ZIN18 is a low energy-consuming nixie tube with minimum supply voltage of 170V, minimum cathode current of 5mA, and maximum cathode current of 8mA.

Each features a number of Nixie tube displays featuring 44 mm high digits.

The product can be configured to show a 12 or 24-hour display. The ZIN18 range comes in a variety of choices from a single tube up to 6 tubes depending on your tastes.

millclock ZIN18
Source: Millclock

Prices start at $199.00 for a single tube setup and top out at just under $1000 for their 6-tube variants.

The model comes with a choice of polished or matt finish too. 

2. Their IN-14 Range is for those on a smaller budget

millclock IN-14 range
Source: Millclock

For those on a smaller budget, Millclock's IN-14 range offers the same retro-design and great design at a discount. Featuring remote control, GPS functions and an alarm clock, these units would be a great addition to any tech-lovers home.

Prices vary depending on what functions you need with standard units starting at $194.99. Their all-singing, all-dancing versions start at $284.99.

Each clock can be set to display year, month, date, hours, minutes and seconds. Tubes can be set to change numbers gradually or rapidly. 

You can also adjust the digit lights with RGB colors and the unit can be switched between night and sleep modes with just the push of a button. 

3. The IN-13 Nixie Tube Thermometer is interesting

millclock thermometer
Source: Millclock

If you are looking for something a little different, the Nixie Tube Thermometer makes for an interesting purchase. Consisting of a bar graph-Nixie-tube, this thermometer looks great and would make the perfect addition to your desk and home.

Temperatures are shown in a warm red-orange glow, and it comes with six RGB auto-color changing LEDs. Millclock are so sure of their workmanship that the thermometer also comes with a 5-year guarantee!

This item can be yours for as little as $89.99

4. Their IN-12 clock is a bit of fun

millclock IN-12 clock
Source: Millclock

Millclock's IN-12 clock makes the perfect present for any fan of steampunk. These are more compact in design than their counterparts and come with the same quality of design and construction.

With a very tasteful wooden base, the IN-12 Nixie tube is the perfect blend of sophistication and retro-tech.

Prices start at $149.99.

5. They also make a wrist-watch!

millclock wrist watch
Source: Millclock

And finally, if you fancy getting yourself a very unique wrist-watch, you might want to check out their Nixie Tube Watch V1.0. The watch's Nixie tube display is enclosed within a tastefully designed, robust, anodized aluminum case that protects its innards from all but the harshest of mechanical damage.

It also comes with a long operation battery that can be charged using a micro USB/USB connector. This would make the perfect gift for any fan of retro-tech. 

Prices start at $254.99

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