Inventor Creates Door that Locks When in Incognito Mode

If commonly find yourself perusing the internet looking at "things" that require you to lock the doors, then you need this invention.
Trevor English
The photo credit line may appear like thisUseless Duck Company

If commonly find yourself perusing the internet looking at "things" that require you to lock the doors around you, then you will love this new invention.

Say, if you wanted to buy your wife a gift on Amazon for her birthday without her knowing, this device would make sure she couldn't into the room.

Mike from the Useless Duck Company has created a door lock connected to a servo that locks whenever your computer has incognito mode open in Google Chrome. Check out the device in the video below.

Using some simple commands loaded onto an Arduino, creating a tool like this actually isn't all too difficult. With a little programming and mechanical skills, you could whip up a device like this in no time. Mike obviously has very genuine intentions for the device, but it could be used for all of your door locking needs.

Most of the hardware you could purchase at an electronics store or from your local hardware store. Take that extra measure of security by installing an automated incognito lock onto your room or office door.

The crazy inventors at Useless Duck Company also recently built an automated toilet paper dispenser that uses a large blade to make sure you get the perfect number of squares, according to TNW. You can check out the video below and see how there is nothing dangerous about it.


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