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There is nothing better than a nice fresh brewed cup of coffee and with all the machines on the market today you can get a great cup of coffee at home instead of having to go out to the coffee shop. While there are numerous coffee machines on the market, another one has joined the competition and it offers coffee drinkers a rewarding experience. It’s called the Invergo and it is being sold as a pour over machine that can improve the extraction and saturation of the coffee without breaking the bank.


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The Invergo stands out amongst other coffee makers on the market in the way that the coffee grounds are treated and then extracted. The machine has a technology that is patent pending which is called “Autospout”. This makes sure that the coffee is saturated evenly thanks to the pouring system. This is a single stream of water which falls down in a rolling circular pattern, which is said to stop the coffee from being bitter.


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One of the key aspects of making coffee is the temperature of the water. The Invergo machine makes use of a computer controlled sensor and it is this that ensures that the temperature of the water is stable throughout the whole of the brewing cycle.


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Another aspect that goes towards making a good cup of coffee is that the resulting coffee is neither too weak nor too strong. The Invergo uses what is known as the Speciality Coffee Association of Americas Gold Cup ratio. This is a formula for coffee brewing that is 3.25 to 4.25oz of coffee for each 64 fluid oz. of water.


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Coffee drinkers don’t have to wait a long time for the coffee to brew as the water heater is instant. The machine is also capable of making cold coffee for those who prefer their coffee iced.

It has a smart feature that stores the user’s settings to ensure that they get the perfect cup of coffee tailored to their taste each and every time; this also benefits them as it saves time in the morning as they don’t have to program the machine.

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The Invergo works with a different range of pour over units, including the Hario V60s and the Chemexes. It comes with a design that is flexible; there is a removable drop tray to accommodate larger cups. The coffee machine can make cups of coffee ranging from 5oz to a large carafe holding 50oz.


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Unlike a lot of machines on the market it isn’t large and bulky, taking up just 6 inches width, 14 inches in height and 11 inches in diameter. It features a tank that can hold 84oz of water and makes coffee with temperatures ranging from 195 degrees Fahrenheit to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes complete with a thermal carafe and pour-over cone.

At the moment the Invergo is raising funds on Kickstarter. The cost of the package, which includes ceramic vessels starts at US$150.

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