Investigating Vibration Damping Technology and Its Uses

TV presenter and engineer Edd China investigates vibration damping technology featuring Sandvik Coromant.
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Created: 9/17/2019

How much do you know about vibration damping technology? We will give you a hint, it could be tied directly to the recent earthquakes in California. For the uninitiated, vibration damping is a term thrown around in the industrial electronics and ergonomic applications when there is a need to reduce the amount of energy produced by a system. 

Now if you are a good engineer you try to address and reduce this energy at its source so the disturbing force is not at or near a natural frequency. However, at times, this is not possible. So, if this is an issue, the problem is controlled with a vibration damper. 

Investigating Vibration Damping Technology and Its Uses
Source: Sandvik Coromant

Edd China Breaks down the Science and Importance of Tuned Mass Damping 

Vibration damping has become an important part of building machines and working factories. In this world, there are tons of moving parts, and lots of friction, things that definitely need to be kept in check.   

In short, vibrations can be bad, damaging to both objects, equipment, and on a much larger scale, buildings. Imagine what would happen if you were in a skyscraper during an earthquake without a damping system. 

If you have an interest in the science behind damping technology, today you are in luck. Sandvik Coromant recently released a film with the always charming Edd China that breaks down the science of tuned mass damping, placing the science on an exciting new scale. 

The Science of Keeping Bad Vibes in Check 

The quintessential British eccentric TV presenter, inventor, engineering product designer and mechanic, Edd China knows a thing or two when it comes down to damping in the vehicles we drive every day. The ex Discovery Channel presenter explores how and why tuned mass damping is important in the world of machining alongside Sandvik Coromant, the leading company in vibration damping technology for metal cutting. 

Investigating Vibration Damping Technology and Its Uses
Source: Sandvik Coromant

The film breaks down carefully and concisely the basics of vibrations and how they occur while giving you an insight into why damping technology is so important across the world. Edd visits Sandvik Coromant in Trondheim, Norway to learn first hand all there is to know about vibrations while interviewing leading experts from Sandvik Coromant.

However, the fun does not just stop there. Without giving away too many spoilers, Sandvik Coromant demonstrates to the presenter how their vibration damping technology can be scaled up from machining using a simplified model  Taipei 101 tower to illustrate how tuned mass damping can be applied. 

Again tuned mass damping can be applied to everything ranging from industrial production to major construction projects. An interesting aspect of this project is how a tiny tool and massive building both are subject to the same laws of physics. This project clearly highlights this company’s high level of expertise placing Sandvik Coromant at the forefront of technology development for machining.

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