IonQ launches commercial availability of quantum system IonQ Forte

If generative AI is today’s cutting-edge technology, quantum technology is tomorrow’s.
Tejasri Gururaj
IonQ announces commercial availability of its most powerful quantum system, Forte.
IonQ announces commercial availability of its most powerful quantum system, Forte.


Quantum computing just got a significant upgrade, with IonQ announcing the commercial availability of its next-generation quantum computer, Forte. IonQ's Forte is the company's powerful quantum system which has been used by companies, such as Hyundai and GE Research, for groundbreaking research in various fields, such as risk mitigation and battery research. 

Now, customers across the globe can access Forte's game-changing capabilities, enabling them to tackle complex issues and drive innovation in various industries. As of June 22, 2023, the technology is available to everyone through their website. 

IonQ stands out with its high-fidelity qubits and coherent quantum gates, ensuring enhanced computational accuracy and reliability. Their Ion Trap Technology sets a new standard in quantum systems, revolutionizing computing for groundbreaking solutions in various industries.

The new and improved Forte

IonQ first launched Forte in 2022, built on ytterbium-based technology and boasting 32 physical qubits. The refreshed system sets a new record with its algorithmic qubit count of #AQ 29, demonstrating remarkable performance and scalability.

Here, AQ refers to algorithmic qubits, a metric used to measure the computational capacity of quantum computers. The number 29 is the number of algorithmic qubits available. Each algorithmic qubit contributes to the computational powers of a quantum computer, allowing it to perform complex calculations and process a vast number of possibilities simultaneously.

In this case, AQ 29 indicates that the IonQ Forte system has 29 algorithmic qubits, representing significant computational power, enabling it to tackle complex problems and perform advanced quantum algorithms.

About the commercial launch of Forte, the CEO and President of IonQ, Peter Chapman, excitedly said, "IonQ Forte represents the culmination of years of research and development from the world's brightest quantum developers, partners, and researchers. It is designed for customers working on the quantum frontier, providing them with the qubits and software needed to tackle larger problems than ever before."

IonQ Forte's commercial availability has garnered interest from influential partners, including Los Alamos National Laboratory. Promising early results have been observed as researchers utilize Forte to explore the scalability of quantum approximate optimization algorithms (QAOA) for solving boolean satisfiability problems.

The introduction of Forte marks IonQ's commitment to democratizing quantum computing and making it accessible to various users and projects. Alongside IonQ Forte, the company's portfolio includes IonQ Harmony (#AQ 11) and IonQ Aria (#AQ 25), offering a range of quantum systems to cater to different needs.

Partnering with QuantumBasel

In addition to the launch of Forte, IonQ has made significant progress in expanding its reach through a strategic partnership. Switzerland-based QuantumBasel has acquired two on-site quantum systems from IonQ. 

The first system, capable of #AQ 35, will be followed by another system capable of #AQ 64. These systems will provide local access to the most powerful, commercially available quantum systems and facilitate advancements in finance, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, and quantum machine learning.

This achievement represents a significant step toward achieving quantum advantage, where quantum computers can solve problems that classical computers cannot.

IonQ's launch of Forte and its partnership with QuantumBasel reinforce the company's position as a leader in quantum computing. By expanding accessibility and driving technological breakthroughs, IonQ is revolutionizing the future of computing and enabling groundbreaking solutions to the world's most pressing challenges.

Speaking of the advancements, Co-founder of IonQ, Chris Monroe, said, "IonQ's Forte advancement is incredibly encouraging. IonQ is closing the gap to democratizing access to quantum, setting current and future partners and customers up for success."

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