IoT Door Handle Wipes Itself Down With Disinfectant After Every Use

It may be the solution to all our pandemic-related door issues.
Loukia Papadopoulos

The pandemic is here and people are obviously worried about all the surfaces they touch, especially in public. Door handles in particular are an area of concern as they are touched by many people and cannot be avoided.

Some businesses are considering installing foot-operated door-openers but these are tedious to install and quite expensive. Now, a new company called Tweaq has come up with an ingenious way to 'handle' door handles.

"Tweaq has revolutionized health and hygiene innovation with the all-new Touch 1. A highly effective self-cleaning door handle hygiene solution powered by IoT technology with usability at its focus; it is easy to install and requires light maintenance," writes the business on its website.

The company's device consists of a handle that once released allows a mechanical ring filled with disinfectant to go up and down the handle cleaning it in the process. The firm says its unique handle eliminates “99% of bacteria and viruses in less than three seconds.”

Better yet, the handle is easy to install on all doors without modifying them. The handle works with a lithium battery that provides about 1000 uses. When it starts to run low on juice it alerts the doors' owners through an app.

The battery can then be sent back to the company to be recharged ensuring there is no waste. There is one catch though.

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The door handles are quite pricey. A pair of Touch 1 handles will sell for about $550 and the replacement cartridges will go for about $20 each. They will become available to the public on July 9, according to Gizmodo.

There’s also a $9 a month plan for “complete access to IOT connectivity.” But no price is too high to pay for security in these trying times and, according to Tweaq, "Touch 1 has been specially designed and engineered with innovative technology to ensure users’ health and hygiene is top priority."

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