iPhone 12 Is Out, But Apple Community Wants Adapters, Headphones Included

The Apple community is unhappy the iPhone 12 won't come with an adapter or headphones.
Utku Kucukduner

Apple's iPhone 12 was unveiled yesterday, but some people in the wider community were left wanting more — finding the lack of headphones or adapter disappointing, according to several tweets.

A few even claim the upgrade wasn't necessary, and argue earlier iPhone 11 upgrades were more than enough.

The phone was announced during an online-only event that streamed live on Monday at 1:00 PM EDT, on Apple's YouTube channel. It will hit the market next week, starting from $799.


Some found the upgrade unnecessary

Sam Friedman on Twitter deemed the upgrade unnecessary, saying it isn't a substantial upgrade beyond the iPhone 11, after all. "Processor is still wicked fast, and it’s got a much larger screen for $100 less than the 12," read Friedman's tweet.

iPhone 12 adapters not included, many disappointed

Many were unhappy the iPhone 12 doesn't come with a charging adapter (it will only have the cable), or a set of headphones. But some saw no problem here, claiming people who regularly buy iPhones have a stockpile of these at hand.

While some people have many of these adapters lying around, not many of them are USB-C, not to mention that many Apple consumers will upgrade from models older than the iPhone 11. Notably, many are likely to buy their first iPhone ever.

Additionally, many didn't withhold cynicism and disdain when regarding Apple's environmental policies.

Some question the wisdom of selling a phone for $1,000 or more without thinking to include a charger. 

It remains to be seen whether other original equipment manufacturers — like Google's Android and Samsung — will follow Apple's lead. But some might say separate packaging will drive up the waste byproducts of smartphone accessories to a significant degree.

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