iPhone Introduces 398 New Emojis Including a Period Icon

A lot of the new emojis were long-awaited ones.
Loukia Papadopoulos

iPhone's latest iOS 13.2 update will provide users with 398 new emojis.

This includes non-binary versions of nearly every human emoji, ways to select multiple skin tones in a single emoji, and a blood drop to represent menstruation.


A period emoji

A lot of these emojis were long-awaited such as the period one. Organizations around the world are celebrating it as a key step forward for girls' rights.

In the meantime, the non-binary emojis have been met with mixed criticism.

Some applaud Apple's efforts to be more gender-inclusive. Others feel that it is pushing a stereotype of what gender non-conforming people look like.

In an effort to create more inclusive emojis, Apple also included a wheelchair, a hearing aid, and an artificial limb emoji, which it previewed back in July, on World Emoji Day.

Cute and fun

Not all the new additions are political, though. Some are just cute and fun, like the oysters, otters, flamingos, and guide dogs.

There are also more food options such as an onion, a waffle, and a plate of falafel. Yum!

Finally, Apple now offers the option to select multiple skin tones in a single emoji. The process is simple and straightforward and is illustrated in the tweet below.

Criticism or not, we are all pretty excited about these forward-thinking, edgy and downright adorable emojis and can't wait to see what the next update has in store.

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