It's Alive! This Robotic Table Can Carry Objects Across Its Surface

The Tokyo International Robot Exhibition showcased a very AI-centric future and tables that could come "alive" to move objects. The future looks robotic.
Donovan Alexander

Robots. Robots. Robots. Walk into the Tokyo International Robot Exhibition, and you are bound to see something that mesmerizes, captivates, and intrigues your curious mind. This year's exhibition continued that tradition.


The robots displayed this year included robots that could tell stories, dance, act like mans best friend, plant, and talk to you. Unfortunately, there were not any Gundams.

Imagine you are sitting at a rather large dining table with 12 friends and family. Better yet, maybe you do not know that many people around the table. You have enjoyed a few delicious glasses of wine and an exquisite meal. But now, you are eyeing that bottle of wine all the way at the end table. You want to continue your wine indulgence. No worries, you won't have to awkwardly ask for the bottle or get up to get it. The table you are sitting at is "alive" and transports the bottle over to you while you are seated. Enter the "magic living table."

Created by Intelligent Actuator, the magic table can move and manipulate objects across its surface. Similar, to the interactive pin table created by MIT's Tangible Media Group, the table is one of the many products at the Tokyo International Robot Exhibition tasked with making mundane tasks a little more interesting.

Intelligent Actuator, also known as IAI, is Japanese robotics design company. Founded in 1976, Intelligent Actuator's dedication to quality and innovation "sets forth a catalyst for the pursuit of new methods and forward thinking to create new possibilities." IAI is one of the world's largest producer of cartesian coordinate robots and SCARA robots. The IAI company philosophy remains "quality and innovation," IAI is always working to improve existing technology and services."

It's Alive! This Robotic Table Can Carry Objects Across Its Surface
Source: Humanrobo/Wikimedia Commons

The International Robot Exhibition is an opportunity for leading robot manufacturers from all over the world to showcase the latest advances in the robotic technology. The Tokyo show is one of the largest in the world, featuring over 300 exhibitors. The theme of this year's International Robot Exhibition was the "The Robot Revolution Has Begun - Toward a Heartwarming Society". The Expo featured various types of robots, the focus being AI. I look forward to the what the 2018 exhibition will bring to the table, hopefully, Gundams.

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