Japan and the USA will fight head to head with giant robots

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America made a giant robot and Japan followed suit and then the gauntlet was laid down by the USA and the Japanese accepted and so we are looking forward to a fight between the two giant robots.


[Image Source: Megabots]

The fight is going to be the international giant robots fight and we'll see the two robots with pilots inside squaring up to each other. Giant steel fists will be flung, guns will fire and the robots will be fighting to the death.


[Image Source: Megabots]

The gauntlet was thrown down by American Megabots and Suidobashi of Japan picked it up. But what do we know about the two huge steel robots?


[Image Source: Megabots]

The Megabot of the USA stands at 15 feet tall and weighs in at 12,000 pounds. The Kuratas of Suidobahi is 13 feet tall and this weighs in at 9,000 pounds. The Megabot is able to move around on tracks similar to a tank and the Kuratas is lighter and quicker and has a set of four wheels and extending wide legs and this means it moves fast.


[Image Source: Megabots]

The Megabot is driven by two pilots, there is one driver and a gunner operating paintball cannons mounted on the arms of the robot and these fire out paintballs that are oversized at a speed of around 120 mph. 


[Image Source: Suidobashi Heavy Industries]

The Kuratas has a single pilot who wears an augmented reality heads up display. The high tech headgear features automated target acquisition along with a tracking interface and this helps the robot to keep its guns on target of the opponent at all times. The twins include a twin Gatling BB cannon that is able to fire 6,000 BB pellets in one minute and a water cannon that sends out missiles in random directions.

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[Image Source: Suidobashi Heavy Industries]

At the moment neither of the two robots is ready to fight and as the pilot in the Kuratas is fully enclosed it is difficult to see how the paintball cannons of the Megabot will hurt the pilot. The BB pellets may not do much damage to the team in the Megabot either and neither of the two robots is particularly quick off the mark with punches.


[Image Source: Suidobashi Heavy Industries]

However both of the giant robots do have twelve months to get ready for battle and during this time they should be able to work out how they are going to fight to win. It is going to be a spectacle that fans of robots will not want to miss and they will have June 2016 ringed on their calendar.

megabots-kuratas-suidobashi-america-japan-giant-robot-battle-4 megabots-kuratas-suidobashi-america-japan-giant-robot-battle-5 megabots-kuratas-suidobashi-america-japan-giant-robot-battle-6 megabots-kuratas-suidobashi-america-japan-giant-robot-battle-7 megabots-kuratas-suidobashi-america-japan-giant-robot-battle-10

[Image Source: Suidobashi Heavy Industries]

megabots-kuratas-suidobashi-america-japan-giant-robot-battle-15 megabots-kuratas-suidobashi-america-japan-giant-robot-battle-17 megabots-kuratas-suidobashi-america-japan-giant-robot-battle-18 megabots-kuratas-suidobashi-america-japan-giant-robot-battle-19 megabots-kuratas-suidobashi-america-japan-giant-robot-battle-20 megabots-kuratas-suidobashi-america-japan-giant-robot-battle-21 megabots-kuratas-suidobashi-america-japan-giant-robot-battle-22

[Image Source: Suidobashi Heavy Industries]

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