Japan's Defense Minister Reveals UFO-Hunting Protocol

Even though the minister himself doesn't believe in UFOs, the forces at his disposal will still be on the lookout.
Deniz Yildiran

While UFOs pique many countries' interests, only some are actually taking real action, space-wise. One such country is Japan, and it now has a task force for UFO hunting!

Recently, the Defense Minister of Japan, Taro Kono, has asked the Self-Defense Forces to report unidentified object of any kind that could pose a threat by either photographing or recording it.


What's funny is that the Defense Minister of Japan doesn't seem to believe in UFOs himself. Still, it is no reason to strain him away from leading a protocol to fight the uncanny.

Until now, it has been declared by Kono that there is no recorded case of encounter UFOs by the SFD. But who knows what could happen next?

How did it all start?

According to the statement made public by the officials in 2018, there was no current protocol regarding the actions that should be taken if the country ever came across an unidentified object of any sort.  

“The government has not considered in any specific manner what will be done should a UFO be spotted flying toward Japan,” it was said in the statement.

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It seems that what worked Japan up into this point was the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, established by the U.S. last month. After the U.S. Defense Department had released the videos from the current archive of 2004 and 2015, they even arouse more interest. 

“... because the Defense Department released such a video, I would like to hear from the U.S. side about its intention and analysis.” said Kono back in the day.

The protocol's only purpose is not only fighting off possible UFO attacks. Looking out for irregular aircraft and advanced drones  if only they pose a threat  is part of the protocol as well.

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