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Many keyboards today offer shortcuts and customisable keys that can help speed up things when working on the computer. The downside to this is thatt it can take time to memorise them and become accustomed to them. The Jaasta e-ink keyboard looks set to change this as the symbols change depending on how you use the keyboard.


[Image Source: Jaasta]

You know how when you're typing in an email address on your smartphone and the keyboard changes so that things like '@' and '.com' are readily available. Imagine a hardware version of that and you've got yourself the Jasta.

E-ink has been embedded into the keys on the keyboard and it is through this technology that the symbols on the keys are able to change. The keys can changed based on the language and the program or application that the user is using at the time. An example of this would be if the user opens Photoshop, then the symbols would change to reflect any shortcuts that are in Photoshop. They would then change if you were to use a program such as Word.


[Image Source: Jaasta]

The keyboard also comes with media keys, including the typical mute, play and volume control. It can also be configured so that keys that are used only rarely may be assigned to other outputs. The designers of the keyboard say that it comes with a 12 month battery life and measurements of it are 15.4 inches by 5.9 inches.

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[Image Source: Jaasta]

Along with the keyboard Jaasta have also designed a soundless mouse. This is a mouse that doesn’t make a clicking sound when either of the buttons are pressed. This comes with an ergonomic design and features a four way scroll wheel along with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port for a flash drive, 64GB of internal memory and the batteries are said to last for 2 years.


[Image Source: Jaasta]

Both the e-ink keyboard and soundless mouse are available for pre-ordering and at the moment funds are being raised to develop the project.


[Image Source: Jaasta]

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